Local and state reaction to Sen. Sarbane's decision

March 13, 2005

"I think Paul's been an excellent senator Maryland has been well-represented because of the seniority of our senators; we've been served far out of proportion to the size of our state. I'll personally be sorry to see him go. I think he's done an excellent job; I'd like to see him stay. He deserves thanks - and he certainly has mine - for all that he's done."

- Rick Hemphill, Chairman, Washington County Democratic Central Committee

"It's always sad to see someone in political office who's in a position of seniority leave. With seniority comes a certain amount of power I've had the opportunity to meet with him twice; he's been very personable, very nice and very considerate. We're sorry to see him go, but he certainly has earned the right to relax and not worry about the affairs of the state and the country."

- Hagerstown Mayor William M. Breichner


"It really is a loss to the nation I feel a personal loss. He just helped me get a federal job; he stood by me for six months when I didn't have a job. I don't think we'll see the likes of him again; he didn't seek the limelight. I admire him - he's going to go out on his own terms.

"I think everybody is reeling. It's gonna put a whole new face on Maryland politics. I'm happy for him, but I'm personally sad."

- U.S. Parole Commissioner and former state Sen. Patricia Cushwa, D-Washington

"Not only was he an incredibly bright man but he was extremely courteous. He always took time to sit down one on one to talk about issues, and about personal things as well - you don't find that too often in politics. I'm gonna hate to see him go."

- Former Del. D. Bruce Poole, D-Washington

"I have worked hands-on with Sen. Sarbanes for over two decades. He is a leader, steadfast and duty driven. He always puts principle above politics. He is a workhorse - not a show horse."

- U.S. Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, D-Maryland

"Paul Sarbanes has represented the people of Maryland with integrity and uncompromising individuality for more than three decades. Sen. Sarbanes had established a solid reputation in Maryland politics long before I entered the political arena. I have enjoyed a professional working relationship with Sen. Sarbanes for years and commend him for his style of leadership and the grace and dignity in which he has chosen to end his distinguished servitude."

-Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr.

- Compiled by Tamela Baker

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