Candidates file for township supervisor in Franklin County

March 09, 2005

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The following candidates have filed petitions with the Franklin County Election Board for township supervisor positions in Franklin County, Pa.:

Antrim Township, two seats: B.J. Roberts, Larson Wenger, Curtis W. Myers, Samuel L. Miller, all Republicans; Rodney L. Eberly, Democrat.

Fannett Township, one seat: William O'Donnell, Democrat.

Greene Township, one seat: Jeffrey W. Furry, Todd Burns, both Republicans.

Guilford Township, one seat: Steve Rock, Republican.

Hamilton Township, one seat: Michael K. Kessinger, Republican.

Letterkenny Township, one seat: Daniel B. Timmons, Republican.

Lurgan Township, one seat: Joe Reese, Republican.

Metal Township, one seat: Kenneth J. Miley, Republican.

Montgomery Township, one seat: Michael Rife, Rick Robinson, Republicans.


Peters Township, one seat: Lester R. Gehr Jr., William R. McDowell, Republicans.

Quincy Township, one seat: Joseph S. Middour, Kerry Bumbaugh, Republicans.

Southampton Township, one seat: Paul E. Witter, Mel Waddinger, Republicans.

St. Thomas Township, one seat: Winfred L. Walls, Republican; Tim Sollenberger, Democrat.

Warren Township, one seat: Harry R. Keefer, Democrat.

Washington Township, two seats: Carroll C. Sturm, John Gorman, Arthur T. Cordell, Richard Mohn Jr., Republicans.

- Compiled by Richard F. Belisle

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