Market to reopen nearly 1 year after being destroyed by a fire

March 08, 2005|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Henicle's Market at 11359 Anthony Highway, most of which was destroyed by an April 20 fire, is slated to reopen on Monday with a new look and new features, store owner Kerry Bumbaugh said Monday.

The cost to rebuild and enlarge the longtime commercial landmark exceeded $300,000, Bumbaugh said. The store's fire insurance did not come close to covering the loss in the building and its contents, he said.

The building, which now covers about 4,800 square feet thanks to a 12-foot extension in the rear, sports a new roof, floor and rear wall. The side and front walls from the original building were saved.


While customers will see some familiar sections, the store will offer new features, including a hot food carry-out buffet near the meat department and fresh coffee and doughnuts in a section up front.

"We're trying to please people who are in a hurry," Bumbaugh said. "The store will be more user-friendly."

The meat and deli section has new European-style, glass-front cases and the self-serve processed meat section is in a new place next to the fresh meat counter.

On the opposite wall new built-in cases hold the dairy and frozen food sections.

The aisles are wider than they were before the fire and access to the inventory is easier for shoppers.

Also new is a soda fountain near the fresh meat section and cigarette and tobacco products displays tucked in between the two new checkout counters.

Cigarettes will be kept out of easy reach to prevent theft, Bumbaugh said.

It was an attempt by the store to refocus its security camera onto the tobacco case in an attempt to catch a person suspected of stealing cigarettes that caused the fire, Bumbaugh said.

Store employees were working between the ceiling and the roof trying to redirect the camera when they inadvertently left or dropped a portable light onto the ceiling insulation and left it there, Bumbaugh said.

Store employees at work in the store smelled smoke but could not find its source, he said. A neighbor saw the fire in the ceiling, Bumbaugh said.

Two other stores make up the Henicle's chain, including one at 42 W. Second St. in Waynesboro and one at 7798 Lincoln Way East in Fayetteville, Pa.

Henicle's Anthony Highway store and the wholesale business next door employ 14 people, including store and warehouse workers and those who deliver groceries to Henicle's two other stores, to area restaurants and to small stores.

The store will open Monday at 6 a.m.

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