Letters to the editor

March 07, 2005

Stadium promotes local partnerships

To the editor:

The North Hagerstown High School stadium boosters would like to thank the Washington County delegation for sponsoring House Bill 1522, which would provide up to $200,000 for the construction of Mike Callas Stadium.

We are grateful that our political leaders recognize the importance of this project to our community.

We believe this project can serve as a model for Washington County and the rest of the state, demonstrating how private citizens and government leaders can work together to improve public facilities.

John Williamson

North Hagerstown High School Stadium Committee

Children should be celebrated

To the editor:

In response to the letter from Robin Douglas on the topic of the Valentine's Day wedding coverage. I do not know the couple pictured with the article, but think it is wonderful that they would have the child share their special moment.


I trust that Douglas is aware that many children born to married couples in some cases are not so lucky in receiving the love and warmth that the child in that photo seems to receive. I would also like to note that the term "illegitimately" has no place nor purpose of use as a tag on a child.

Given the world in which we live, any child born is a treasure, considering the number who are not given a chance to take their first breath. Yes, Ms. Douglas, I am grateful to have been the product of two wonderful and yes, married individuals. They were married long before I arrived and remained married for life. Given all of this, though, that makes me no better nor any worse than the child born to a loving couple, not married.

As for the destruction of our society, in the few minutes it took to write this response, a rape occurred, a murder was committed, a wife was beaten by her husband, a child may have died from abuse, a U.S. soldier may have lost his life abroad, and be assured that a child was aborted.

In closing, morality can be a real concern when it breeds a crime of measurable magnitude - this was hardly the case, though. Hats off to The Herald-Mail for a wonderful paper and to the two parents for providing a child with love.

Randy A. Breeden

A true, full-service bank

To the editor:

This letter of appreciation needs to be written. On Thursday, Feb. 17, my mother, Mrs. Drewry Harpold of Hagerstown, stopped by F&M Bank on Dual Highway to transact some business.

As she entered the bank and spoke to the greeter, she began to feel dizzy. The greeter immediately led her to a couch and got her a drink of orange juice.

The staff then took care of her business for her, and the greeter and the manager took her home, one driving my mother in her car, and the other following in order to take the driver back to the bank.

We can hardly do less than offer public thanks to these people for their compassionate action. Talk about a full-service bank.

Juanita M. Cutler
Romney, W.Va.

Give veterans the day off

To the editor:

What do these four groups have in common: Students, educators, postal workers and government employees?

Answer: They all get Veterans Day off. The odd thing is that our veterans, for the most part, do not.

Yes, our veterans may take this day off voluntarily, but without pay. Cute, huh? This particular day is supposed to be in honor of our veterans - but it's the veteran who does not get this day off in honor of his service.

That's bogus. So, I am appealing to the public - write to your congressperson and protest. Yes, I know that everyone gets Memorial Day off in order to remember the sacrifices made by our military personnel, but Veterans Day should be for the veteran.

Seriously, if you have aided our nation by joining the military, then we owe you this day. So let's get together on this. It won't kill the economy to give our so very important veterans this day as a paid holiday - the rest of us can continue on as usual.

Laura Funkhouser
Hedgesville, W.Va.

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