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Creation requires less faith than evolution

March 05, 2005

To the editor:

I read with interest Allan Powell's (Jan. 23) essay against Christian fundamentalism. While I support his free speech rights, I continue to be amazed at how far he goes to build a case against people of faith. His straw man keeps growing bigger. This time, it is allegedly a "harmful social movement."

His criticisms of creation and various miracles in the Bible don't carry any serious weight. If a person only accepts a naturalistic view of the world, without any possibility of events beyond our declared laws of nature, then of course anything else is dismissed arbitrarily. Some professed open-minded people are very closed-minded in this area.

God, as creator of the universe, can certainly suspend or override our concept of the laws of nature, and do supernatural things.


There are recorded, documented events throughout history that defy natural explanation. The truly narrow-minded refuse to admit to the possibility of God's hand in these events, as they would have to face the issue of their own accountability and their need to prepare for eternity.

As for the issue of evolution, I don't have enough faith to believe in the complexity and orderliness of life and our universe without the intelligence of God behind it. We know that life only comes from other life; it cannot begin on its own.

Belief in evolution took away man's dignity as a special creation, made in the image of God. It also caused an actual decline in the integrity of science, for scientists began to accept an untested idea as truth. This attitude goes against the scientific method. Evolution is not observable, testable, nor reproducible.

Even when an organism adapts to change, such as bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, it still doesn't change into another organism. We have no evidence of one creature changing itself into another. Natural selection is a very inadequate explanation for the diversity and complexity of life. Almost all mutations are not beneficial to a species. True science is not undermined by re-examination.

Moreover, there is much in the way of scientific evidence for a young age of the Earth, and credible arguments against evolution. But evolutionists are quick to suppress this. Check out the numerous books on this subject if you want some real eye-openers.

Many are written by former evolutionists. For example, Jobe Martin, in his video "Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution," gives numerous examples of creatures that could not exist if evolution were true.

The blanket dismissal of this information by people supposedly open to new ideas exposes the real issue here. Are we going to worship the God of the Bible or the god of chance? The god of chance doesn't require repentance and conversion, but also doesn't prepare people for eternity.

Before invoking the overused and misapplied "Dark Ages" concern, it is important to understand that fundamentalism was suppressed at that time. People were discouraged from reading the Bible and discovering for themselves what the Bible really says.

I cannot agree with the attitude of skeptics who pick and choose what they want to accept and reject from God's holy word. That is intellectual arrogance to the highest degree. My Bible says, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God." Jesus said, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Unfortunately, some people instead have let the truth make them mad. Hopefully, this discussion has prodded seekers to think further on this issue.

Steve Hluchy
Stephens City, Va.

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