County gets more money for schools

March 01, 2005|by TARA REILLY

WASHINGTON COUNTY - Washington County will receive an additional $2.9 million for construction of the new Maugansville Elementary School for fiscal year 2006, as a result of an appeal for more money state and county officials made to the state Board of Public Works last month.

The state originally committed to giving the county $512,000 for the project for fiscal year 2006, which begins July 1, County Commissioners Vice President William J. Wivell said Thursday.

"Obviously, we're glad to get it," Wivell said, noting the increase falls short of what the state should contribute.

With the increase, the state will contribute about 15 percent of the cost of the school for fiscal year 2006, well short of the 50 percent he'd like the state to kick in, Wivell said.


"It's a far cry from where we need to be as far as state funding," he said.

Wivell said it's possible the county would receive more state money for the project in fiscal year 2006 if it becomes available.

Also for fiscal year 2006, the county will receive $1.99 million for the Salem Avenue Elementary School renovation and addition, according to the state Board of Public Works.

The cost of the new Maugansville school is $19.98 million, according to the county's proposed fiscal years 2006-2011 Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Building the bigger Maugansville school instead of renovating the current Maugansville and Conococheague Elementary schools would save $1 million in renovation costs and more than $400,000 a year in operating costs, according to the CIP.

The current Maugansville school is in disrepair structurally, and the site floods, the CIP states.

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