Hagerstown City Council candidates

February 28, 2005
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- Continue the revitalization of downtown Hagerstown by focusing efforts on the Arts and Entertainment District.

- Expand the Neighborhoods First community involvement program.

Penny May Nigh

Incumbent councilwoman

Age: 57

Party: Democrat

Address: North Mulberry Street

Occupation: Grandmother


- Continue to push for a central booking facility to free up city police officers' patrol time.


- Look at giving residents more opportunities to speak in front of city officials before votes are recorded.

- Improve after-school and mentoring opportunities for city children.

- Preserve city's historic resources.

Alesia Parson

Age: 40

Party: Democrat

Address: North Jonathan Street

Occupation: Full-time student, community volunteer


- Foster community relations and involvement through personal contact, and improve outreach efforts through Antietam Cable Channel 6.

- Focus on the needs of city schools through better partnerships with Washington County government.

- Look for ways to improve the local job market and keep housing prices down to keep housing affordable.

- Balance the needs for police as the city continues to grow.

Henry Renner Jr.

Age: 49

Party: Democrat

Address: Bryan Place

Occupation: County construction inspector


- Improve the city water and sewer system.

- Supports Washington County Hospital's move to a site near Robinwood Medical Center.

- Increase the amount of private investment in downtown Hagerstown.

- Improve cooperation between the city and Washington County government.

Donald L. Souders Jr.

Age: 31

Party: Democrat

Address: Georgia Avenue

Occupation: Tobacco sales


- Reduce urban sprawl by focusing residential development within current city limits.

- Look to expand the city's home ownership program by borrowing money to purchase homes, refurbish them and sell them under need-based criteria.

- Hire more police officers and firefighters, and push for new revenue sources to pay for additional forces.

- Increase public involvement in government by holding more public meetings between city, county and state officials.

Candidates not on the primary ballot

Democratic mayoral candidate

William M. Breichner

Incumbent mayor

Age: 73

Party: Democrat

Address: Oak Hill Avenue

Occupation: Retired, city administrator, water service consultant


- Improve all types of housing in the city while finding ways to keep housing costs affordable.

- Devise long-term plans for upgrading the city's fire and rescue services, including personnel and facilities improvements.

- Look at holding more citizen comment sessions to improve communication between city government and residents.

- Continue to hold Washington County Hospital accountable for its proposed move.

Republican City Council candidates

Ruth Anne Callaham

Age: 55

Party: Republican

Address: Lindsay Lane

Occupation: Nonprofit executive


- Bring better jobs to Hagerstown.

- Revitalize the city, including downtown.

- Expand city limits, focusing on maximizing benefits of residential and commercial development for city residents.

- Develop innovative measures to address the lack of water and sewer capacity.

The Rev. Haru Carter Jr.

Age: 58

Party: Republican

Address: Hamilton Boulevard

Occupation: Pastor


- Improve the Jonathan Street corridor by focusing more anti-crime efforts there, including reducing drug trafficking.

- Create better relationships among the city's diverse populations, including holding more culturally diverse events.

- Foster unity among the City Council and Washington County Commissioners by meeting more frequently.

- Promote job growth and business growth in downtown Hagerstown.

Scott D. Hesse

Age: 49

Party: Republican

Address: Park Lane

Occupation: Computer networking business owner


- Improve communication among city, county and state government.

- Make a goal of not increasing taxes or fees, and look to reducing them.

- Prepare better for residential and commercial growth.

- Improve the city's roads, water and sewer system, and police and fire protection.

Dan G. Kennedy

Age: 51

Party: Republican

Address: South Prospect Street

Occupation: Specialty store owner


- Improve standard of living for city residents through job growth.

- Lend a better ear toward businesses in the city.

- Be a steward of the process to correct the sewage treatment system.

- Expand the geographic focus of downtown revitalization.

Tory VanReenen

Age: 56

Party: Republican

Address: East Irvin Avenue

Occupation: Accountant


- Look for efficiencies in government to keep taxes down.

- Increase the number of higher-paying jobs throughout the city.

- Improve communication with county, state, business and nonprofit leaders.

- Find ways to bring more people downtown, including better marketing and more visible public safety.

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