Letters to the editor

February 28, 2005

A leader for Hagerstown, not a cheerleader

To the editor:

I have been asked why I am running for the office of mayor of Hagerstown. The reasons include that I have lived here all of my life, care a great deal for the area and, most importantly, because of the people who live here.

I feel that we deserve better results and actions than we have gotten from the present mayor and council, who at times have acted as if the citizens are nothing more than an annoyance in their world.

I don't have a recognizable political name, as many of the candidates have. I don't have a large campaign war chest that has been donated by special-interest groups, with the hope of furthering their own self-serving agendas.


I do have drive, initiative and a desire to serve you, the hard-working citizens of Hagerstown. Following is a brief overview of my goals:

1. Negotiate in good faith with the hospital for a resolution of differences.

2. Encourage new businesses to locate to downtown Hagerstown.

3. Put in place a long-term solution to our sewer crisis.

4. To be open and accessible to every citizen.

A brief overview of things I will not do:

1. Accept special-interest-group money.

2. Fail to listen to the concerns, issues and ideas of every citizen.

3. I will not forget that government is designed to be "of the people, for the people, by the people."

An overview of some of my plans include: Starting a real business incubation center for the downtown Hagerstown area; a property tax freeze for the elderly and disabled citizens in Hagerstown; and a much more proactive and aggressive marketing of the city.

A more detailed explanation of my plans and ideas can be found at my Web site,

On March 8, you will be making a decision that will impact not only you, but also the future residents of Hagerstown.

The city cannot be returned to the past, nor can it be trusted to a "slate" that promises one thing through its words, but fails to demonstrate it by its actions. The candidate offered by the "slate" actually stated, "I believe that the mayor's job is to be that of cheerleader." Hagerstown does not need a cheerleader.

Hagerstown instead needs a leader - one who will work alongside the citizens of Hagerstown to usher in an era of well-deserved prosperity, and together lead Hagerstown to the respect and status that this city so richly deserves.

Tony Campello

Candidate for Mayor

No shred of proof

To the editor:

The term "Big Lie Technique" refers to the frequent and forceful repetition of a bold lie as a means to get people to believe it. The technique is widely practiced in U.S. politics, but one of the more effective uses of the technique in modern times goes something like this: "We are as sure of evolution as we are of gravity." Or, in the words of Allan Powell, "The idea of evolution has enough evidence to have earned its place as the underpinning of the natural and social sciences."

It would be nice if Professor Powell would share with us something of that evidence so that we might judge for ourselves the trueness of his statement.

I understand why he never has done so, however. There is not a shred of evidence for rocks-to-Rockettes evolution. Not a sliver. Not a pinch. Not a shard.

An English teacher had her class write a brief story around a handful of unrelated words. The best students could skillfully weave "aardvark," "pain," "puddle," "shoe polish," "tension," "tangerine" and "umbrella" into an interesting story. Evolution is a lot like that; it is a clever device to weave words such as "fossil," "strata," "decay rate," "amino acid," "gnome," "mutation" and "natural selection" into an entertaining story. No matter how interesting the story, however, or even how believable, in the end it is just that - a fanciful story.

A.J. Westfall
Greencastle, Pa.

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