United Way comes close to reaching goal

February 26, 2005|By RICHARD F. BELISLE

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -Franklin County's 2004 United Way campaign did not quite reach its goal of $710,000, but it came close, raising $691,646.

"That's not chump change," said Bill Pukmel, chairman of the countywide fund-raising effort.

"I'm declaring victory," Pukmel told an audience of about 135 volunteers, business and industry donors and members of the agencies that benefit from United Way donations.

The occasion was the United Way's annual meeting and campaign closing Friday at The Orchards Restaurant Lounge & Banquet Facility in Chambersburg.

"It takes a small army of volunteers to run a campaign like this," Pukmel said. "We would not get the job done without the people who make the phone calls, deliver the pledge cards and spread the word about the good work of United Way agencies."


The 2004 campaign officially ends Monday. The 2005 campaign starts in September, said Cynthia L. Hawbaker, executive e director of the Franklin County United Way.

Barb Brobst will chair the 2005 campaign.

"In Franklin County, like every community across the nation, there are always going to be good-hearted and hard-working people who, from time to time, find themselves in need of assistance," said Thomas J. Trgovac, president of the board of directors of United Way.

"Not because they want a free handout, but because they are confronted with an array of challenges or a circumstance that many of us would view as overwhelming," he said. "But you know you live in a great community when the less fortunate amongst us are able to find the help they need, at the time they need it most, and not have to compromise their dignity.

"This year's campaign was a success because, once again, our community worked together to support what matters. On behalf of the United Way and its member agencies, thank you for helping."

Area companies and organizations recognized with Gold Awards for increasing their contributions by 20 percent or more included Lutheran Home Care Services Inc., Giant Food, Comcast, J.C. Penney Co. Inc., New Visions Inc., South Central Community Action Programs Inc., Sprint and Women in Need.

Receiving Silver Awards for increasing giving from 10 percent to 19 percent were Manitowoc Crane Group, F&M Trust Co., Waynesboro Hospital, Penn State University, Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce and Chambersburg Memorial YMCA.

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