Blast from the past

February 23, 2005

Week of Feb. 20, 1955

With the passage of ice from the Potomac River, yellow suckers have started to "run," and some nice catches have been made this week near Williamsport. Most of the fishermen are using dipnets with the river almost full and cloudy and in perfect condition.

Dave Cole, Chicago Cub pitcher, and his brother Don Cole, both of Williamsport, dipped almost the limit near the R. Paul Smith Power Plant. The limit this year is 20 suckers per day per fisherman.

Classes from five county high schools will witness the dispensation of justice in motor vehicle violation cases in the court of Magistrate William Keykenbohm in the coming weeks.

Work has been continuing in recent months on the "underground Pentagon," also known as the Raven Rock Installation, located not far from Fort Ritchie. It is reported that elaborate quarters are being built inside the mountain, and it has been rumored that they will be occupied by none other than the President of the United States should Washington ever be attacked by an enemy.

Week of Feb. 20, 1980

They know they're not going to upset the Soviet Union's balance of payments too severely, but several Washington County liquor stores have stopped selling Russian vodka to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

"As a form of protest, I'm not handling it anymore," said Fred Kramer, manager of Terrace Liquors on Pennsylvania Avenue. Terrace liquors sold Stolichnaya, Russia's export vodka, for $8.99 a fifth.

Washington County Hospital officials are moving ahead on their recently approved $28 million expansion project and $3 million fund-raiser.

Sales tax collections in the past fiscal year were $18,256,827 in Washington County, 10 percent more than in the previous year. The increase is partly attributed to imposing sales tax on food and beverage takeout orders.

If you really want to feel bad, you can look at comparisons of how sales tax collections have grown. In 1970, $5,749,564 in sales tax was collected in Washington County, so sales tax collections have more than tripled in a decade.

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