Letters to the editor 2/21

February 21, 2005

Candidates for kids in Williamsport

To the editor:

Almost every day you can read in the newspaper about a proposed development soon to appear in your neighborhood, and Williamsport is no exception.

North, south, east and west of Williamsport, there will be an explosion of new homes, which are being built at a rate of 2.3 people per household - that could mean additional 200 to 300 new kids exploring our town.

Three months ago the Williamsport mayor and council agreed to form a committee and discuss the skateboard issue.

Yet no report has been made public, nor was there acknowledgement of any scheduled meetings.

Existing youth programs in Williamsport will soon become overwhelmed with financial burdens and some kids may be denied the opportunity to participate due to lack of resources.


I remember my coaches, Mr. Von Zimmerman, Mr. Hadley, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Skip Mallott, Mr. Jack Rupp, Mr. Gochenhauer, Mr. Stottlemyer, Mr. Graff, Mr. Waddell, Mr. Glenn Smith - and the most famous Williamsport icon, coach and athletic director. Richard Doub.

Coach Doub supervised a program in Byron Memorial Park during the late 1960s called Summer Playground.

Local high school students, (Harry Cline, Sue Ellen Flook, Mike Cline, Teresa Powell and others) were employed to schedule daily activities.

The new Williamsport Town Council must consider alternatives to working with our youth that don't involve the sheriff's department.

Thirty-six years ago, I played Little League baseball in Williamsport and Nelson Deal was one of the adult volunteers for the Conococheague Little League.

Today, I am running with Deal for a seat on Williamsport's Town Council (including Jim McCleaf and Monty Jones) and his involvement in my life has made a big difference.

We all can make a positive difference in the lives of our youth.

The Independent candidates for mayor, assistant mayor and council in the upcoming election all support this position and will be proactive in confronting this important issue.

We ask for your vote on Monday, March 7.

Jeff Cline

Candidate for Town Council


Real Christians are a happy group

To the editor:

I want to respond to Professor Alan Powell's Jan. 23 commentary, "Fundamentalism: A return to Dark Ages."

Based on many of his comments, I'm convinced that he is a defender of the secular humanist and Darwinian theories, which boldly reject the Bible and the existence of our God, the creator of the universe, whose divine son, the God-man, Jesus Christ, became the savior of the world of mankind.

To effectively disprove what the professor seems to assert so aptly would seem to be a formidable task. However, I expect to try.

First of all, as I said to Martin W. Gallagher Jr. regarding his thoughts that religions through the centuries that were cruel and oppressive to their adherents, much of today's religions in America are a confused mix of various beliefs and doctrines, sad to say - not to mention that many religions around the world are still very cruel and oppressive today. Without hope and without Christ, their minds sadly darkened.

But let me assert to all that there is a remnant of true believers here in America and around the world who really love and trust their Lord Jesus and live victoriously over sin and Satan by the power of God's spirit day in and day out.

Sadly, many evangelical and main-line churches teach that it is not possible to be sin-free in this life. This is contrary to sound Christian doctrine.

I'm prepared to prove it by God's word. Read Romans 6:1-23.

Finally, let me say this: When secular humanists say that man is an "accident of chemistry," they open themselves to being foolish, yet they pride themselves as being very enlightened. When one considers the exquisite order and complexity of the universe, how could anyone with a sound mind say it's just a happenstance?

Really, Professor Powell, we who know Christ, are a humble, happy people!

Edgar M. Foltz Jr.

Greencastle, Pa.

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