Mail Call

February 19, 2005

"In Mount Lena, cats are let run loose. The sheriff said that there is a law that all cats and dogs must be on a leash or a securely fenced-in area. When you try to find out whose cat is running loose, no one knows and the other people have unlisted numbers. So the sheriff said if they got into a trap, you are not responsible. The owner is." - Mount Lena n "Candy and Rick Frasier would like to welcome home their son who has been in the military for a year now. He should be home on Feb. 20." - Hagerstown 

 "Just calling in about the concerns for the Alternative School going to Western Heights. Don't know whose idea this was, but why would you put those kids in with elementary students? It is a big mistake. Send them to the Job Development Center. That school is sitting up there empty. Let them go there. They lost their rights to go to the other school for behaving the way they are, so they deserve to be in a school by themselves." - Hagerstown 


 "I think you people should be ashamed of yourself printing all those stories in the paper about insurgents in the battle over in Iraq. That is not true. It has been almost two years since President Bush said the mission was accomplished. There is no fighting going on over there. You should be ashamed printing all those lies." - Hagerstown n "The AAUW Book Sale is coming up. This is a great event. The question is, what does the AAUW do with the proceeds they glean from this event?" - Washington County Editor's note: Money raised by the spring and fall book sales goes to the AAUW scholarship fund and to local charities. Eighteen local students received AAUW scholarships for the 2004-05 academic year. 

 "We wondered what was wrong with you whiny Democrats. You're watching too much CNN." - Boonsboro 

 "This is kind of morbid, but does this area just exist for the fittest - as in survival of the fittest? Our older people, the elderly, our seniors, they are being pushed aside or thought of at the last minute as in Holly Place. Our kids - they aren't being taught properly as far as drivers' education which was taken out of the schools years ago. They're getting killed on the highways. And our pets. You see more and more people finally being prosecuted for abusing or killing their pets. I don't think this area is progressing. I think it is regressing." - Hagerstown 

 "I think that the Leadership Hagerstown representative should look at moving the program to the university center in downtown Hagerstown rather than moving it out into the county at HCC. Just something they should consider." - Washington County 

 "I was just calling to thank the lady who stopped and picked me and my three children up when we were broke down on the interstate on Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to tell her thank you and apologize to her family for any inconvenience and let them know they have a wonderful wife and mother." - Clear Spring 

 "I am calling in reference to the woman who wrote in asking for a tombstone. I am just curious what in the world you want a tombstone for. I'll be waiting for your answer." - Washington County 

 "Bring on the slots for Maryland. Lower taxes, better schools and help Holly Place. Come on, voters, vote in the slots." - Greencastle, Pa., calling from Clear Spring 

 "Hagerstown Children's School is recycling cell phones, ink jet cartridges and laser cartridges as part of a fund-raising project. You may drop off items to be recycled at 141 S. Potomac St., Hagerstown. Or you may call the school at 301-739-6883. Recycle cell phones, ink jet and laser cartridges." - Washington County 

 "Now the SUV owners may understand what gun owners in Maryland have suffered during the past two administrations. First, the beltway bullies declared there are good guns and bad guns. Now, there are good vehicles and bad vehicles. What's next?" - Hagerstown 

 "Some guy calls in complaining about his car registration coming due, also his truck registration coming due. He says he's poor, he's on a fixed income. I'll bet this guy smokes, drinks, has cable TV. You're not poor, you're greedy." - Funkstown n

 "Is the Class of 1980 of South Hagerstown High School having a 25-year reunion or not?" - Hagerstown 

 "I'm calling to remind the gentleman who is complaining that his Dodge van is now $180 registration fee and his truck is $154 and he is retired and on a fixed income - I want to remind him of what Leroy Myers Jr., member of the House of Delegates, said when he was asked in discussing recent fees and he made the remark that if you have two vehicles and can't afford them, you will just have to get rid of one." - Washington County 

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