Letters to the editor

February 15, 2005

If it weren't for seniors, you wouldn't have much

To the editor:

This is in response to the ignorant comments made by Michael David Wasiljov in the The Herald-Mail on Feb. 12, which was my husband and my 60th wedding anniversary.

Although we never felt our children owed us a dime for the years we supported them, they have never complained once about giving back in any way they could.

This person should stop and think about the difference in wages between then and now. It was impossible for anyone to save when one spouse earned $29 a week and the other $1,140 a year. Who is the selfish one now?


If it weren't for the seniors, you probably would not be reaping all your present benefits.

Marjorie B. Christian
Falling Waters, W.Va.

(Editor's note: In his original letter, Wasiljov complained that senior citizens writing to complain that they feared cuts in Social Security benefits were acting selfishly.)

CFC endorses Alesia Parson for council seat

To the editor:

The Community Focus Group (CFG) is proud to announce and endorse our candidate for Hagerstown's City Council. This former member of the CFG is none other than Alesia "Le Lee" Parson (D).

You may know Alesia as the former correspondent of The Herald-Mail's "Around Jonathan Street" column where she brought awareness of a neighborhood and its people to life through her words. What you may not know is who Alesia is. She is a native of Hagerstown and the daughter of Bishop Tom and Pastor Yvonne Parson, a 1982 graduate of North Hagerstown High, a 2001 graduate of Hagerstown Community College, and a senior attending Frostburg State University-Hagerstown. Alesia has worked with countless groups in the community over the years to ensure positive change for our city.

In May of 2004, Alesia was instrumental in informing the community of the financial needs of the Memorial Recreation Center Inc. She used her voice, as correspondent of the "Around Jonathan Street" column, to bring people from around the city and county together, to bring awareness and resolution to the financial issues facing the MRC. From that initial meeting, the CFG was formed.

Over the summer of 2004, the CFG was successful in its endeavor to identify issues facing the center as well as raising substantial funds to keep MRC's doors open. Alesia was dedicated to her role as moderator and coordinator of the group until July when the group named a chairperson. Once the committee was put in place, Alesia still remained dedicated to the group and worked tirelessly to make certain that we not only stayed focused on the issues at hand but that we, together, reached the overall financial goals and objectives set by the CFG.

We commend Alesia for once more standing up to the plate in the name of community involvement and ask for your support of her as she attempts to have the voice of the people heard at City Hall.

Frank Nobles, chairman
David Washington, vice chairman
Community Focus Group

Opportunity needed for all

To the editor:

I have seen and read about the charges that Rev. LeRoy Guillory has made about the current city government. I have also spoken to Rev. Guillory briefly about the need for Hagerstown to become more diverse. I believe that Hagerstown is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Can we as a community do more to promote equality and friendship among all residents? Sure. Let's not forget about the growing Latino and Asian community or the rest of the African-American communities. This city is in a period of great growth and opportunity, but in order for the effects to be genuine, that growth and opportunity must be shared among all races.

This city shares a partnership between communities, businesses and government that is similar to a lot of other cities around America. But what makes Hagerstown unique is the opportunity for everyone to prosper. With communication, civic involvement and public forums, we can give all residents the opportunity to share in this city's growth.

As a candidate for City Council, I will speak out about the need to work together toward a common goal that is in the best interest of all Hagerstown residents. This city's government can and must do more to promote goodwill between the different neighborhoods and cultures that share our town.

Hagerstown has made great strides in recent history as it relates to race relations. But we can do more. It's a two-way street that needs some repair, but I am confident that neighborhoods and our unique cultures can unite behind this city's government to build a greater community.

Donald L. Souders Jr.
City Council Candidate (D)


Due to an error by editorial page editor Bob Maginnis, Hagerstown City Council candidate Alesia Parson was identified in a Feb. 12 column as part of a group of candidates recruited by the Rev. LeRoy Guillory.

Parsons said she is not part of Guillory's group. The Herald-Mail apologizes for the error.

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