Candidates report on finances

February 12, 2005|by GREGORY T. SIMMONS


Candidates for the upcoming City of Hagerstown elections who so far have access to the most money will not be running in the March 8 primary, allowing them to get a head start on fund raising for the May 17 general election.

Ruth Anne Callaham, the Rev. Haru Carter Jr., Scott D. Hesse, Dan G. Kennedy and Torrence "Tory" M. VanReenen, the five Republican candidates who are running together as a slate for the City Council, do not have primary opposition.

The mayoral candidate running with the slate, Richard "Dick" F. Trump, will face opposition in the Republican mayoral primary.

Except for write-in candidates, candidates who indicate they will spend more than $1,000 in their campaigns must report contributions and expenditures to the Washington County Board of Elections.


The most recent filing deadline was Tuesday.

The six candidates on the slate have individual campaign accounts, and there is a separate political action committee also established to raise money for the slate, Friends of Hagerstown PAC.

As of Tuesday, the PAC had $8,058.51 in the bank, and had received $10,100 in contributions. The PAC transferred $1,000 to VanReenen's individual campaign account.

The six candidates have individually banked a total of $1,123.67. That includes $1,652 in contributions - including the $1,000 transfer to VanReenen - and expenditures of $528.33.

Most of the money contributed to the PAC is tied to one local business and two property development companies.

The PAC returned $1,000 to one donor, Lawton Vista LLC, because the donation exceeded the $4,000 donation limit.

According to information filed by the PAC's organizers, Lawton Vista LLC is at 18702 Crestwood Drive, P.O. Box 2068. Its resident agent is Wayne E. Alter Jr., according to Web-based state tax records.

Besides Lawton Vista, the biggest donors to the PAC have been Dahbura Development Partnership and Hub Labels Inc., each of which has donated $2,500. Corey Stottlemyer, who is helping to organize the slate, gave $100.

Both Hub Labels Inc. and Dahbura Development Partnership are on Shawley Drive north of city limits, according to the election filings. Both are wholly owned by the Dahbura family, including Abbud "Bud" Dahbura, Anton "Tony" Dahbura and Thomas Dahbura, Tony Dahbura said Thursday.

The largest expenditure of the PAC was a transfer to VanReenen's campaign account of $1,000. She has spent the most of those on the slate, $414.48, on items including campaign signs and a registered voters list, according to the election filings.

Of the remaining candidates who indicated they would spend at least $1,000, one has more than $1,000 in the bank.

-- Kelly S. Cromer, who is running for council, said she has raised $1,737.80, and spent $37.80. The largest contributions, totaling $1,037.80, were her own. She also received checks of $300 from T&R Tire Center and $350 from Vincent Groh, a local developer.

-- Robert E. Bruchey II, who is running for mayor, said he has received $578 in contributions, $500 of which came from his employer, Hagerstown Ford. Additionally, he listed $413.66 from a prior campaign balance.

-- City Councilman N. Linn Hendershot, who is running for council, said he had a prior campaign balance of $200, but had received no new contributions.

-- Mayor William M. Breichner said he had received no contributions.

Two mayoral candidates have indicated to county election officials that they would not raise more than $1,000. Those candidates are Charlie Baker and Anthony "Tony" T. Campello Jr.

Eight council candidates have indicated they would not raise more than $1,000. Those candidates are Kristin B. Aleshire, Walter E. "Nick" Carter, Ira P. Kauffman Jr., Lewis C. Metzner, Penny M. Nigh, Alesia D. Parson, Henry R. Renner Jr. and Donald L. Souders Jr.

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