Woman pleads guilty to sex assault charge

February 01, 2005|by DON AINES

A 35-year-old Chambersburg woman charged with having sex with a 15-year-old boy and leading several other juveniles on a vandalism spree last spring pleaded guilty Monday in Franklin County Court to statutory sexual assault.

Roseann M. Thompson of 235 S. Sixth St. also pleaded guilty to three counts of corruption of minors and two counts of criminal mischief during her appearance before Judge John R. Walker. She is scheduled for sentencing on March 23.

Chambersburg police charged Thompson in June with two counts of statutory sexual assault, two counts of illegal contact with a minor and multiple counts of corruption of minors, criminal mischief and furnishing alcohol to minors.


She was arrested on the morning of June 1 when police pulled over the vehicle she was driving. In it were four juveniles, two of them her children, along with several pellet guns, CO2 cartridges and packs of BBs, according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Police listed 35 victims whose vehicles and property sustained approximately $12,500 damage from pellet guns between May 29 and 31. Police alleged she had supplied alcohol to some of the juveniles.

Thompson, who is out on bail and renewed an expired marriage license following her plea, admitted to having sex with the boy when questioned by Walker during the plea agreement.

The affidavit alleges Thompson and the boy first had sex about three weeks before her arrest. The two had driven to a cemetery off Lincoln Way East and "sat under the moonlight," the affidavit states.

She and the boy had sex again on May 30, police allege.

Thompson was less direct when asked about the other incidents to which she pleaded guilty.

"It was my vehicle, but it was my ex-boyfriend who had it," she said. She also blamed "my ex" for giving wine coolers to the juveniles, although she admitted it occurred in a motel room she was renting.

"I'm just curious. Why didn't you stop those juveniles from shooting out those windows?" Walker asked.

"They wouldn't listen to me," Thompson said.

"Were you trying to get on their good side so you could sleep with them?" the judge asked.

Thompson's answer was not audible.

Although the convictions carry a maximum sentence of 35 years in prison and $75,000 in fines, Franklin County Assistant District Attorney Matthew Fogal said the prosecution will agree to a local jail sentence.

Thompson's former boyfriend, Brian McWilliams, 35, of Narvon, Pa., pleaded guilty last year to three counts of criminal mischief and two counts of criminal conspiracy to commit criminal mischief. He was sentenced on Sept. 1 to 89 days to 23 months in jail, but was paroled that day because he had served the minimum sentence, according to court records.

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