Letters to the editor

January 20, 2005

Open your eyes in Hancock now

To the editor:

It should be clear to Hancock residents and voters that the election season is upon us. There are four candidates for the office of councilman, and I gather all are good men. No matter how much or how long I ponder, I cannot arrive at a logical conclusion as to why the people in this town - who were born, raised and live here - cannot look at the whole picture regarding the town situation in this election year.

When a candidate asks for your vote, I suggest that you ask each one, as a measure of their interest in town government, this question: "How many town council meetings have you attended in the past two years?"

I have attended all of the town council meetings that I could, since moving here in the 1980s. In the period of time of my attendance, I have faithfully seen Darwin Mills and Frank Courtney present with active participation.


I have never seen the other two applying candidates, Anthony McCusker and Maurice "Rusty" Wheeler, present at any meetings. What knowledge do they have of the rules, laws, regulations, guidelines or policies pertaining to the successful operations of a small town of less than 2,000 people?

They've never "learned the ropes." Having a private business does not qualify a person to be a public official of a municipality, representing its constituents.

People serving in some capacity in our town's operations must have a wealth of experience, know-how, management experience and standards for the betterment and protection of the town and its people. A town turnaround is needed now because conditions are a mess. The stronghold must be broken.

Strong and enthusiastic voices must arise to help realize set goals. These changes must be made smoothly and efficiently. Deep thought must be given to arrive at wise decisions when directly dealing with each situation. Rally around a new pattern of intelligence and courage. Do you really care? Are you willing and bold enough to help meet the challenge? We'll pay close attention to those who rebel and want to do things their way.

Vote for the loyal and well-informed. Bring true, new life to our town. No more closed sessions, but open, public meetings at all town council sessions where citizens are free to speak. Let's hit the road "less traveled" and make Hancock the "Best Little Town in the West." Can we count on you?

Evelyn Poteet

Rush shows poor judgment

To the editor:

During Rush Limbaugh's radio show on Jan. 7, he stated he had no children. He further stated because he had no children, he was one of the lucky ones. Now, I understand Limbaugh sometimes makes statements to get a reaction, but he came across to me as dead serious.

My reaction to Limbaugh is one of deep sadness. If Limbaugh's parents had chosen to be "lucky" as defined by him, then he never would have been born.

Limbaugh's comments are an insult to parents in this world who are surrounding their children with love and working daily through the good times and the bad times.

I feel Limbaugh was serious in his comments and that he needs to rethink his views on parenthood. I also believe an apology would be in order.

Meredith Fouche

Hoping for a change of heart

To the editor:

To the person or persons who stole our Christ child.

Christmas is the season we Christians celebrate the birth of our lord and savior, and therefore set up nativity scenes.

Christmas reminds us of our sins and how thankful we are that God sent his only son to be born of Mary in a stable only to die for us on a cross and rise again on Easter to give us forgiveness and eternal life in heaven.

As you have stolen our Christ child from Concordia Lutheran Church's nativity, we pray that as you handled him, you might think of what he did for you and continues to do for you. May your act of vandalism change your heart and allow him to enter your heart.

He forgives you and so do we at Concordia.

Karen Kreymborg

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