January 16, 2005

Ben and Kathy Shaool, Lot 16-17, 12715 Ailantus Drive, Hagerstown, to David J. Shaool, for $150,000.

Ben and Kathy Shaool, 12731 Ailantus Drive, Hagerstown, to David J. Shaool, for $75,000.

Joel R. and Jennifer Elgin Brown, 1103 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown, to Stacy M. Brocato and Benjamin A. Walz, for $152,800.

Francis P. and Patricia M. Clopper, 10914 Bowers Ave., Hagerstown, to Thomas J. Likely Jr. and Kelly C. Likely, for $107,000.

Louis Irene Greene, PR of the estate of Margaret B. Hildebrand, 328 S. Cleveland Ave., Hagerstown, to Cheryl A. Little and John Scott Brown, for $95,000.

Michael J. Kurtyka by Brian M. Kurtyka, his attorney in fact, 110 Fairground Ave., Hagerstown, to Heather N. Wiles, for $70,000.


Andris Mikelis Paza and Lisa Mary Sodee, Lot 2, Wright Road, Williamsport, to John R. Oliver Co. Inc., for $24,500.

Charles Adams Jr. and Jennifer M. Adams, 9926 Kurtyka Circle, Hagerstown, to Robert C. and Christy D. Sweigert, for $199,900.

Jason M. and Melissa B. Broadwater, 2026 Windsong Drive, Hagerstown, to Shirley A. Finniff, for $89,000.

Gregory W. Brown, 10712 Bratton Court, Williamsport, to Patrick L. and Stacey K. Taylor, for $274,000.

Andrew S. and Lisa Carpegna, 1862 Abbey Lane, Hagerstown, to Monica L. Kegg, for $93,000.

Daniel P. Hullinger, 610 W. Washington St., Hagerstown, to Christopher L. and Joanna Dunn, for $29,500.

Harry Reginald Hesson, 1216 Glenwood Ave., Hagerstown, to Marklin S. Strite, for $89,900.

Estate of Frank J. Arcuri, 11904 Heather Drive, Hagerstown, to John P. and Laura D. Barger, for $88,000.

William E. and June M. Burgan, 17521 Lexington Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert J. Allen, for $104,000.

Harold Dean and Viva Cecile French, 605 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, to Andrew S. and Lisa D. Carpegna, for $140,000.

Patrick L. and Stacey K. Taylor, 10832 Archer Lane, Williamsport, to Gregory J. Kellick and Robin V. Griffee, for $235,000.

Gary L. Eshleman, 8622 Downsville Pike, to Marion G. and Connie S. Gaylor, for $64,900.

William H. and Gloria Jean Barber, 17634 York Road, Hagerstown, to Robert A. Snavely and Kimberly S. Wolfe, for $121,000.

Edgar Kline Jr. and Kimberly Kline, 20140 Daniels Circle, Hagerstown, to Jose M. Zavalla and Maria B. Mendez, for $119,500.

Estate of Patsie Anne Buck, 11238 Greenmount Ave., Hagerstown, to Angela M. Nay and Paul A. Smith, for $90,000.

Edward L. Knave Jr., 23 N. Vermont St., Williamsport, to Beatrice M. Johnston, for $68,900.

Carol B. O'Connor, 11228 Eastwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Joel R. and Jennifer E. Brown, for $240,000.

Robin V. Griffee and Darlene V. Smith, 11308 Dogwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Andrew J. Atkinson and Andrea D. Moser, for $135,900.

Diane Marie Wollard, Lot 6, Neck Road, Williamsport, to Tina M. Martin, for $37,500.

Brothers Construction LLC, 19017 Rock Maple Drive, Hagerstown, to Bradley E. and Robin S. Byers, for $42,000.

Catherine R. Rubin, 18017 Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Carlos H. and Linda J. Worrell, for $126,900.

Farriel E. Morrison, 15 N. Cleveland Ave., Hagerstown, to Penny Jo Weaver, for $95,000.

Jeffrey T. Banz, 19666 Marigold Drive, Hagerstown, to Holly and John Kees, for $149,900.

Teresa M. Rippon, 13807 Distant View Ave., Hagerstown, to Robert L. Daley Jr., for $110,000.

Lillie E. McHale, 16054 Dellinger Road, Williamsport, to Michael M. and Debra K. Murdoch, for $29,500.

Dominick J. Perini, 1313 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown, to Dennis C. and Cynthia D. Myers, for $185,000.

Patrick Mayhew and Connie Daley, 15207 National Pike, Hagerstown, to William R. and Cynthia A. Oates, for $23,500.

Maxine J. Hutzell, 201 St. Paul St., Boonsboro, to Janice L. Baugher, for $21,900.

Melvin J. and Teresa L. Long, 12715 Greencastle Pike, Hagerstown, to Harvey E. and Helen J. Cullop, for $57,500.

Diane Y. Paddack, individually and R.B. Young Limited Liability Limited Partnership, n/s Robinwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Washington County Endowment Development Co. Inc., for $1,306,400.

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