Scratch-off lottery winners plan a jolly good time

December 31, 2004|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

HAGERSTOWN - The threat of terrorism thwarted Lisa Eccard's plan to visit a friend in London last February.

Her particular flight, from Washington Dulles International Airport to London's Heathrow Airport, was delayed or canceled several different times out of concern that it might be targeted by terrorists.

So, she listened to her parents and returned her ticket.

Her father, Wayne Eccard of Hagerstown, hoped to make it up to her.

An occasional fan of scratch-off lottery games, he noticed the Big Ben Bucks tickets, in which the prize is a trip to London valued at $20,000. The package includes two first-class plane tickets.

After getting several losing tickets, he bought a winner at the Martin's grocery store branch in Fountainhead Plaza, north of Hagerstown, shortly before Thanksgiving.


The Maryland State Lottery Agency, which runs the scratch-off game, sent a press release on Thursday announcing the Eccards' success.

The game also is sponsored by British Airways and Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

After some deliberation of who in the family would go on the trip, Wayne Eccard, 55, gave the winning ticket to Lisa.

The contest requires her to travel no later than March 31, 2005.

Lisa Eccard, 23, who works for a behavioral mental health organization in Franklin County, Pa., said she'll probably go in February. She has not been to London before.

She plans to travel with her boyfriend, Nick Philp, 21, who attends Hagerstown Community College and works at FedEx.

Eccard said Philp has relatives who live in London, so they'll have somewhere to stay.

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