Investigators seek victims of recent daytime burglaries

December 23, 2004|by PEPPER BALLARD

The Washington County Sheriff's Department is asking victims of recent daytime burglaries to call Investigator Greg Alton to see if items - many of them apparent holiday gifts - recovered recently during the execution of search warrants belong to them.

Alton said the department, along with Pennsylvania State Police's Gettysburg, Chambersburg and McConnellsburg barracks, have been conducting an investigation into daytime burglaries that have been occurring since the first week of December and possibly since November. In the burglaries, doors have been kicked open to homes and presents have been stolen.

"As a result of the investigation, we have recovered property that we believe has been stolen but we haven't found victims for it yet. This property includes wrapped Christmas presents and unwrapped presents," Alton said.

One of the presents recovered says "To Mommy from Ally," he said. "We've also recovered Barbie items that we know have been wrapped at one time."


Kitchenware and electronics also were recovered, he said.

Alton said the items were recovered searches in Washington County and Leesburg, Va.

"We know the burglaries have been occurring in Pennsylvania and Maryland and we think they may also have occurred in West Virginia and Virginia," he said.

Alton said county police have two men in custody who were charged with one burglary each in Washington County. Pennsylvania State Police charged three people on Monday in connection with burglaries that occurred on that same day, he said.

Because the investigation is ongoing, the names of those charged are not being released, he said.

Alton asked that anyone who is missing property that matches the description of gifts that have been recovered call him at 240-313-2185.

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