Poster creators honored at Eastern

December 22, 2004

The following students were selected as winners or received honorable mention in a poster contest held during Red Ribbon Week at Eastern Elementary School.

The winner from grades kindergarten through two is second-grader David Stokes. Students receiving honorable mention include:

Kindergarten: Ambria Herr

First grade: Elizabeth Jacobs

Second grade: Kalilah Perkins

Second grade: Rebekah Hurwitz

Second grade: Noelle Seals

Second grade: Tyler Kasten

The winner from grades three through five is fifth-grader Andrea LaTour. Students receiving honorable mention include:

Third grade: Nehemiah Teferi


Third grade: Chelsie Womack

Third grade: Amanda Harrast

Fourth grade: Kristin Kelly

Fourth grade: Jessica Seredich

Fourth grade: Charissa Collins

Fifth grade: Charlie Tark

Fifth grade: Kaitlyn Spangler

Fifth grade: Shawn Kinzer

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