Morgan County holds off picking representative for board

December 18, 2004|by TRISH RUDDER

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - The Morgan County Commissioners on Friday said they will not nominate anyone to represent the county on the Workforce Investment Board until the board's bylaws are changed.

Requests for more county participation were made at Friday's meeting by Mike Reel and Kelly Adams, chairman and vice president of the Region VII Workforce Investment Board.

Reel said there is "lack of participation of some membership from Morgan County," and "starting in 2005, we want to try to resolve any issues that are lingering out there and move forward in a positive manner."


Commissioner Bob Ford said the firing of the Morgan County Commission's appointee, Frank Subasic, was wrong and the board had no right to terminate him without Morgan County Commission input. Ford said Subasic was fired "without just cause" by the chief local elected official (LEO).

"The chief LEO should not have that authority to make the final decision," which the current bylaw allows, Ford said.

Commission President Glen Stotler said Subasic was fired in September 2003 and the Morgan County Commission filed a grievance at that time. They were told by the board that before a decision was made, they would have access to the meeting discussing Subasic, but they never were notified of the meeting and received a memo from the board stating the Subasic termination was final.

Commissioner Tommy Swaim said "no notice was given as to what was discussed in the meeting." Stotler said the commissioners filed an appeal to the state board.

Reel told the commission there was no explanation of why Subasic was removed.

"Don't let one man stand in the way of progress," he said.

"Sometimes, you have to take a stand on what you believe in," Ford said.

Ford said he believes Subasic was trying to make the program "user friendly for everybody."

"The average guy gets scared of all the paperwork," he said. "You need more Frank Subasics in there."

Stotler said he will not recommend anyone to replace Subasic "while this bylaw is in place."

ยท Also Friday, two employees of the Morgan County magistrate's office asked the commission to approve their request for a door buzzer with an electronic lock to improve security in their area of the building.

Doreen Peer and Cindy Stotler currently have to leave their workstations to allow people to enter the area. They also requested a second camera be installed in the lobby to monitor people entering and leaving the area. The existing camera monitors the main lobby entrance, Stotler said.

Peer and Stotler brought two other issues to the commissioners' attention. One is the need for their parking spaces to be clearly marked for their use only, and the other is the problem with the building's heating and air conditioning system. The temperature in their area is between 57 and 62 degrees and the temperature in the lobby is more than 90 degrees, Stotler said.

Stotler said the buzzer and parking situation can be remedied quickly, but that the heating and air conditioning problem will take time.

Commission President Glen Stotler said the commission will look into the requests.

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