20 Franklin County residents charged in drug bust

December 18, 2004|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - Federal indictments were returned against 20 people from Chambersburg charging them with conspiracy and distribution of crack cocaine following a yearlong investigation, according to a release from U.S. Attorney Thomas A. Marino for the federal court's Middle District of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.

The 20 people listed in the release who had Chambersburg addresses included Joel Daniel Taylor Jr., 22, Kevin Shives, 18, Joseph Roy Martin, 18, Chris Wells, 20, Brandon Jones, 20, Dustin Malone, 21, Ryan Varner, 20, Timothy Bickham, 24, Bryan Jumper, 31, Kiera Lynne Ickes, 20, Kandi Renee Baer, 20, Marlene Anne Truett, 26, Isaac Brumfield, 29, Takia Cary, 22, Shane Lamason, 21, Jean Dorramil, 21, Ashley Lynn Novak, 21, Monica Jo Pennsinger, 18, Charles McNeil, 20, and Toby Lee Bistline, 21.

Three others listed in the indictment had Harrisburg addresses. They were Clinton Burns, 23, William Roy Ritter, 24, and Conrad Greenslade, 24, according to the release.


Charges against a juvenile were dropped. That case was referred to the Franklin County District Attorney's Office, according to the release.

Taylor and Burns are being held without bail pending trial, the release said. The government filed motions to hold Jones and Bistline without bail, the release said.

Eight of the defendants who were taken into custody Thursday were released on bail.

Ritter, Malone, Varner, Brumfield, Cary, Dorramil and Ickes were listed as fugitives Friday, according to the release.

Several of the people listed in the indictment already were in jail on unrelated charges.

Each defendant faces 10 years to life in prison and fines up to $4 million.

The indictment alleges that the conspiracy charges involved more than 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Franklin County Drug Task Force, Harrisburg Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police and Cumberland County (Pa.) Police Department participated in the investigation, according to the release.

"Time and time again, it has been demonstrated in cases such as this that the dedication and selfless efforts of agents and officers from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies can dismantle substantial drug-trafficking organizations when they work together for the common good of the community," Marino said in the release.

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