December 12, 2004

Phil Pearce, 9412 Childacrest Drive, Boonsboro, to Bradley S. Fountain and Alexander D. Fountain Jr., for $250,000.

Victor J. Peeke, lots 36-46, 48-49, 80-82, Rockingham, Phase 2, to PDR Greencastle LLC, for $1,066,000.

James E. Chandler and Janet A. Walker, 114-116 Charles St., Hagerstown, to the City of Hagerstown, for $10,000.

Gardes Investments Limited, Elizabeth H. Boyce and Margaret L. Wade as custodians for Richard Paul Harrison, Richard Paul Harrison, Peter C. Moyer, Kristin M. Fandi and Melissa A. Moyer, Howell Road, Hagerstown, to Hagerstown Heart Properties LLC, for $450,000.

Robert D. Johnson Sr., 10 acres, Kaetzel Road, Rohrersville, to Matthew R. and Sharon A. Schroebel, for $20,000.

Bankers Trust Co. of California, custodian or trustee, 352 Liberty St., Hagerstown, to Yuen Mee Lee Snyder and Nancy Der, for $21,000.

Shawn and Shianna Reed, 13828 and 13832 Orchard Ridge Road, Hancock, to Soraya Karmand, for $145,000.

Ben and Kathy Shaool, 11417 Woodview Drive, Hagerstown, to Terry L. and Tracy A. Chrisman, for $297,661.


North Locust Street Partnership, 216 N. Locust St., Hagerstown, to Demcore Development LLC, for $126,000.

Garland D. and Helen L. Lung, 11530 Crystal Falls Drive, Smithsburg, to Mehdi H. Hajiyani and Isabel G. Santos, for $219,700.

Margaret L. Harriman, 11330 Greenberry Road, Hagerstown, to Alisha Du Quin, for $128,900.

Vittorina and Anna Verga Tedeschi, 11216 Eastwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Janet Siegmann Salter, for $365,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 20131 Daniels Circle, Hagerstown, to Michelle E. Chao, for $86,250.

Sevad Inc., 305 Sunbrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Margaret Troskoski, et al, for $125,050.

Berger Family Revocable Trust, 17710 Garden Sport Drive, Hagerstown, to Christopher L. and Teresa Meyers, for $207,500.

Leon R. Shumaker Sr., northeast corner of Antietam and Hall streets, Sharpsburg, to June Marie Stangle, for $7,500.

Harold E. and Barbara A. Miller, 820 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Erik V. Boone and Josephina Robles, for $125,000.

Darren K. and Darla J. Gordon, 11237 Cristins Circle, Hagerstown, to Darlene M. Gary, for $117,900.

Wilhelmina M. Smith, 17502 York Road, Hagerstown, to Donna Blady, for $129,900.

ALK Homes Inc., 11019 Parkwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Lawrence and Susan Schodroski, for $371,770.

William A. Routzahn Jr. and Angela L. Routzahn, 21567 Ridenour Road, Boonsboro, to Charles E. and Barbara J. Porter, for $270,000.

Judye Beth Estes sur. J/T, James William Estes, dec., 1108 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Shelley A. Berne, for $140,000.

Robert Chad and Christy Danielle Sweigert, 18050 Norman Drive, Fairplay, to Robert C. Barber and Holly L. Engler, for $295,000.

James Durr, 221 Garlinger Ave., Hagerstown, to Salina Fisher, for $121,000.

Sevad Inc., 257 Sunbrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Bruce J. and Jacqueline A. Miller, for $127,250.

Nehemiah C. Bailey Jr. and Cindy L. Bailey, 311 Key Ave., Hagerstown, to William V. Martin III and Penny R. Martin, for $123,000.

Christopher A. Rose and Gary A. Rosen, 1315 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, to Leslie A. Lemon, for $153,500.

Robert E. and Joan O. Hawkins, 7106 Barrett Courts, Sharpsburg, to James C. Houser Jr., for $35,500.

Francine E. McCarty, p.r. for estate of James McCarty, 14109 Round Top Road, Hancock, to Lindi and James Wheeler, for $120,000.

Kimberly K. Shoop, 660 Northern Ave., Hagerstown, to Darin L. Shoop, for $121,900.

Iris Belle Davis Raymond, 10928 Holly Terrace, Hagerstown, to Greg D. and Melissa A. Nearchos, for $165,000.

Brothers Construction LLC, 2056 Silk Tree Court, Hagerstown, to Charles R. and Debbie A. Martin, for $375,015.

John E. and Frances E. Aldrich, 13410 Rhodes Court, Clear Spring, to Michael and April Brady, for $41,000.

Paul O. and Dorothy N. Merchant, trustees of the Merchant Family Revocable Trust, 2026 Windsong Drive, Hagerstown, to Richard W. and Elly S. Phoebus, for $93,500.

Nellie Ashby Keys by Vincent R. Keys Jr., her attorney in fact, 10223 Summers Lane, Hagerstown, to Larry M. Sieker Jr., for $90,500.

Emma Jane Cline, Betty Ann Carroll and Berkley H. Conrad, 11504 Hopewell Road, Hagerstown, to Daniel R. and Joyce B. Stottlemyer, for $75,000.

Christian S. and Edna B. Martin, 13729 Kretsinger Road, Smithsburg, to Andrew and Sally Sussman, for $27,500.

E. David and Lisa D. Kline, 619 Franklin St., Hagerstown, to Rachel A. Wright, for $130,000.

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