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Blast from the Past

December 08, 2004

Week of Dec. 5, 1954

Fire Chief John Hall said an oil tanker owned by Baltimore Tank Lines was parked on the hill in the first block of East Washington Street early yesterday. The hose was hooked up to a customer's tank. The driver walked across the street to an all-night restaurant to get a cup of coffee.

In his absence, the brakes slipped on the truck. The vehicle drifted a few feet into the back of a parked car. The hose connection was torn loose and 500 gallons of fuel oil flowed down Washington Street.

Cleaning up the spill kept firemen busy during the early morning hours.

Johns Hopkins University this week took title to a house and 1.1 acres of land in the Blair Valley section, adding to holdings acquired several years ago.

It is understood the university uses the area for students field-training in geology and allied sciences.


The Hagerstown Board of Water Commissioners will ask the Mayor and Council to consider a long-range program of capital improvements that will cost almost $3 million within a 10-year period.

Week of Dec. 5, 1979

A thorough search of the Maryland Correctional Institution has uncovered more than 40 weapons. But prison officials are the first to concede that in spite of the massive shakedown, not all the weapons were found and more are being made.

The only way to keep inmates from getting weapons is to "lock them naked in cells with bare walls," said Les Stoner, MCI assistant superintendent.

Channel Home Center on Northern Avenue may be charged with violating the county's blue laws, according to Washington County State's Attorney John Salvatore.

If the store is cited, Channel corporate officials in New Jersey say they will go to court to challenge the constitutionality of the blue laws.

In a 4-1 vote Tuesday, the county board agreed to offer the city $1.5 million over five years for the purchase of Hagerstown Regional Airport. It is more than double its first offer of Sept. 5.

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