Letters to the editor

December 05, 2004

Fairy tale contains truth

To the editor:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a group of people who believed in a divine power. Now these people, who we will call Ga-Ga, desired to worship their god freely. But the government, which happened to be a monarchy, would not allow it. Now the Ga-Ga, because of persecution, decided that they must find a new land, where they could practice their faith without interference from the government.

So the Ga-Ga boarded boats and left their homeland for a place called Ya-Ya, where they could honor and serve their god freely.

Once in Ya-Ya, their group thrived and grew without interference. Eventually they split into many individual groups, which they called Bo-Bo, each having its own rules and regulations.


From this gathering of believers came a Bo-Bo called the So-So. They became very powerful and eventually believed that all of the other Bo-Bo should act just as they acted and have the same rules as they. But the other Bo-Bo fought against it because they felt that they should be able to practice their own beliefs. The So-So became very angry because of this and sat down to devise a plan to overpower the others.

The So-So went to the governors, whom they had appointed, and demanded that they change all of the rules so that they could get their way. Well, the governors said, no way. At this, the So-So declared, "If you don't give us what we want we will replace you with a new governor." Not wanting this, the governor bowed to the So-So. All was well throughout the land once more, and all of the So-So were happy (for awhile).

At the next So-So meeting, they decided that more changes were needed, so once again they went to the governor with new demands and once again he yielded. The So-So repeated this behavior over and over again until no one except the So-So was free to acknowledge their beliefs. In other words, only what the So-So believed was acceptable.

Becoming fearful and desiring to have freedom to believe and worship as they wish, all of the Ga-Ga boarded a boat and went from whence they came. The End

This is just a make believe story, but there is a lot of truth in it.

To those of you who so proudly claim the title, Evangelical Christian, this story is for you.

And then I ask you, where in the Bible does it say that Christians are to force their beliefs on those who are not accepting of it?

In case you have forgotten, you chose to be a Christian.

In case you have forgotten, you chose to accept Jesus as your savior

In case you have forgotten, you chose to be a member of the denomination that you are in. Everything about whom and what you are as a Christian, you chose. Yet you think that you have the God-given right to use whatever method available, including political office, your vote, and yes, even violence, to force others to believe as you do. Is this what the Bible tells you to do? I think not.

I am a Christian just as you, but I will never force my beliefs on anyone. Did Jesus? Try love, not force, to change people. Jesus did.

Elder Raymond Young

Free speech not intended for lewd, liberal causes

To the editor:

We are fortunate that here in the United States, individuals can be almost anything they want to be, and express themselves in virtually any way they choose. That includes voicing their ideas or opinions. One of the founding freedoms we have in the freedom of speech.

A closer examination of this freedom of speech idea clearly reveals that it has brought us a lot of problems also. Freedom of speech is a beautiful gift from God, and was never intended to be used to promote death and erosion to society's core values.

America used to value solid Christian principles, to include the Ten Commandments. Due to the abuse of freedom of speech, the distinct line between right and wrong has become compromised. The radical, self-serving liberal minds are always on the prowl looking for a chance to get their voices in the media. There is a set of voices out there trying hard to promote lewd and abominable acts, such as abortion and homosexual agendas.

These are two of the many tools being used by the liberal axis of corruption that will bring America to her knees. We are led to believe that our security is based on the strength of the economy and the power of our military. Both of these beliefs are lies. Our true strength comes from the heart of each and every God-fearing American. History has taught us that the end of nearly every once-great society began with the moral compromise in the hearts of its own people.

We call ourselves free, but honestly ask yourself, of all that you possess, how much do you own, paid in full? Sadly enough, credit freedoms have made a lot of hard-working Americans slaves to the interest machine. Let me remind you that interest carried the death penalty in the Bible, because it is not OK to charge your neighbor more than they borrowed when they're already broke and down on their luck.

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