More than one Turkey involved in NBA brawl

November 25, 2004|by DAN KAUFFMAN

Before everyone digs in for their Thanksgiving feast, here are a few appetizers:

· Here's a novel thought ... maybe the fan who threw the drink at Ron Artest AND Artest are responsible for Friday's NBA brawl.

The fan is a dope, and Artest's conscious decision to leap into the stands to fight him (never mind that he went after the wrong person) is inexcusable. It is possible for blame to fall on both sides here, which is why it's rather annoying to hear a lot of people want to pin this on just one side, or just the other.

Oh, and don't blame arena security. If you think Friday's brawl could have been prevented, you're wrong. Good luck stopping a determined fan from throwing anything at a player. And Artest's reaction was so quick, I doubt that could have been stopped, either - at least not without a wall of security officers standing behind both benches and the scorer's table. The bottom line is, if people want to act like idiots, it's hard to stop them.


· First an admission - I'm as pessimistic a Maryland men's basketball fan as you'll ever find. I'm not a real big fan of this year's team, mainly because I don't think it has enough of an inside presence to compete at the top level of the ACC.

Well ... maybe the Terps do. Travis Garrison played well in the Terps' tour of Italy and in their season opener last week against Jackson State. If Ekena Ibekwe and freshman James Gist play well enough to give Maryland some muscle, maybe I'll be proven wrong.

Then again, in Tuesday's win over Mercer, Garrison and Ibekwe each had only four points (Gist did play well, scoring 10 points). Maryland's perimeter players can carry the day against teams like Mercer, but the Terps will need more balance come league play.

Maryland's next two games - against Memphis Friday in the Hall of Fame Tipoff Classic and at Wisconsin Monday in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge - will say a lot about this team.

· The Washington Wizards are 6-4. Since nobody else seems to care, I thought I'd throw it out there.

· Finally, I can't wait for this afternoon's Bears-Cowboys game. That'll go down like stale eggnog. It's almost like Fox is taunting us with the "Happy Thanksgiving!" logo. Happy Thanksgiving! Now watch this steaming pile of manure! You're welcome!

Dan Kauffman is a staff writer for The Herald-Mail. His column appears every other Thursday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 7520, or by e-mail at

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