Market gets in the holiday spirit

November 24, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

Janet and Gordon Bartels, who regularly shop at the Hagerstown City Farmers Market, returned there Tuesday to buy items such as shoofly pie and dried flowers for Thanksgiving, which is exactly what city officials were hoping local residents would do.

The Farmers Market, at 25 W. Church St. in Hagerstown, normally is open only on Saturdays, but this year the city decided to open it Tuesday from noon to 6 p.m. as a "special Thanksgiving market," said Susie Salvagni, city events coordinator, who is a liaison to the market.

The hope was that some would buy items for Thanksgiving, while others would order food and merchandise for Christmas, she said.


The Bartelses said that during the year they have lived in Hagerstown, they have gone to the Farmers Market almost ever week.

The reason is simple, Gordon Bartels said: "It is local people selling local stuff."

In addition to the pie and flowers, the couple bought tomatoes and sandwiches, he said.

Debra Russ of Hagerstown said she ordered a cake and cookies at the market Saturday and picked them up Tuesday for inclusion in her Thanksgiving feast.

Russ said she likes the convenience of shopping at the market and the fresh food she gets there.

"I think it is great," she said.

Elsie Darlene Wyndham, a vendor who serves as a liaison to the city, said about 60 people went to the market for lunch. She said she expected more than 100 people would shop at the market Tuesday.

Wyndham said the market will have expanded holiday hours this year. On Dec. 4, 11 and 18, it will be open from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. instead of closing at noon like it typically does, she said.

On Dec. 22, the market will be open from noon to 6 p.m., she said.

Mary Elgin of Hagerstown, who said she is a regular shopper at the market, praised the special hours on Tuesday.

"This is super. This is very nice," she said.

Reuben Faith said he liked the market being open Tuesday.

He and his wife, Beverly Faith, sell items at their booth, R&B Crafts and Baked Goods.

A couple on Tuesday placed a Christmas order for two trays of mixed cookies, including chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, Reuben Faith said.

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