Hamilton hosts new season of 'Life of Luxury'

November 08, 2004

Monday, Nov. 8

8 p.m. on ABC

"Life of Luxury"

George Hamilton returns to host a new season of peering into the lives of people who have a lot of money and don't hesitate to spend it. Tonight, they include Hugh Hefner, whose Playboy Mansion includes a kitchen that's staffed 24/7, and hip-hop mogul Damon Dash, who can easily afford a new pair of sneakers every day.

9 p.m. on PBS

"They Made America"

A look at American innovators and their impact around the world begins with hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons and cable pioneer Ted Turner.

10 p.m. on NBC

"$25 Million Hoax"

Not exactly our idea of a good time, but . . . A formerly sensible young woman tells her family that she has won the lottery and proceeds to act as though she intends to spend every penny of her winnings on herself. Since this is reality TV, it's all a hoax, of course.

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