Syduation of comedies a real treat

November 05, 2004|by Big Sydney

I'm always amazed by the ingenuity of our youth nowadays.

I sat on the front porch of my mansion at the Dargan compound on Sunday handing out candy, and was so impressed with the costumes.

I've tried my hand at it over the years and never really succeeded.

I remember that one year, during the Star Wars craze, I used my ample mass to dress up like a house that drank coffee. I was Java the Hut.

Then, this year, I tried to be a little more biblical. I dressed up like the kid who slayed Goliath and wore my old high school athletic jacket. I was David Letterman.


But I was no match for some of these youngsters.

One kid stopped by for a handful of chocolate-covered head cheese donning red auto racing garb with a lot of No. 8s all over it. He had a large gag over his mouth.

His friend told me that the kid was dressed up as Dale Earnhardt Jr. preparing for an interview.

Another kid came up with heavy-rimmed glasses, a light blue shirt and tie. He had oily, wavy black hair and his pockets were hanging out. He said he was Joe Paterno on a losing streak.

I think that kid outsmarted me for more beef jerky chip cookies, though. I think he came back a couple more times.

Someone came by dressed in a similar fashion, but had a top hat on and said he was the old guy on the Monopoly box.

And then a little later, the same bespectacled, shirt-and-tie outfit walked up but was bald this time. He looked just like that dancing old guy on the Six Flags commercials.

But the topper of them all was the final young lad who was wearing a ball cap with a whistle around his neck. He has an oversized shirt, stuffed into a size 52 waist packed tightly into size 46 coaching shorts. He had a clipboard, coin, dart board and weekly schedules where he was trying to pick the winners of football games.

I said, "Hey, you look awful familiar. I think I see you often, especially in the fall during football season. Are you anybody I know?"

The kid grinned back at me as he grabbed some nut-covered Spam for his goodie bag.

"I sure am," he said.

I felt proud until he said ....

"I'm Bob Parasiliti."

On with the predictions. Last week 21-6 (.778), season 181-44 (.804).


Hancock 31, Bishop Walsh 23: Panthers drive for playoffs with a Walsh and a waxing.

North Hagerstown 21, South Hagerstown 13: Some day, the Hubs hope to be so Callas, they won't have to be the class of School Stadium.

Williamsport 32, Clear Spring 12: The Wildcats have been saving up all year for this one.

Middletown 20, Walkersville 14: Knights turn meeting with Lions into a mane event.

St. James 36, St. John's at Prospect Hall 26: Saints head out on a Ricca-ocence mission.

Brunswick 37, Catoctin 19: Cougars get Railroaded out of town.

Bishop McDevitt 42, Chambersburg 21: If the Trojans need to withdraw, will they use a McDevitt card?

Greencastle-Antrim 35, Shippensburg 23: Blue Devils say: "Yo Greyhounds, leave the driving to us."

Scotland 27, James Buchanan 20: Can a team wearing kilts run a tight end formation?

Jefferson 28, Waynesboro 15: Indians may be Livengood, but the living will be easy for the Cougars.

Williamstown 38, Berkeley Springs 16: Catch the Indians' QB in the end zone and you get a Safety Belt.

Musselman 34, Princeton 21: Princeton finds itself out of its (Ivy) league against the Applemen.


Frederick 41, Thomas Johnson 17: Cadets have a longer A-ten-hut span than the Pats.

Century 28, Tuscarora 18: Century's mark is a hundred times better than the Titans.

MSD 58, Bowling Brook 6: Orioles don't spare a thing when they strike Bowling Brook.

Smithsburg 31, Boonsboro 12: Warriors find out why the Leopards' defense is becoming known as "The Rough Spots."

Kiski Prep 19, Mercersburg Academy 8: Kiski's business makes it tough for Blue Storm to cruise.


Virginia 24, Maryland 17: Cavs let something Groh on "The Fridge."

Northwestern 30, Penn State 16: Consider the Nittany Lions Pater-minal.

West Virgina 44, Temple 20: Surley, Temple won't be good if they ship lollipops to the Mountaineers' defense.

Shepherd 34, WVU-Tech 13: Rams don't take stock in Tech's styles.


Lions 27, Redskins 17: Pride of Lions turns this one into an uproar.

Steelers 23, Eagles 16: Steelers' big sticks and Keystone hype will break Eagles' bones.

Ravens 20, Browns 10: Browns need a bunker now that it's Jamal in the Family for Baltimore again.

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