Spare Time - Johnson rolls first 300 game

November 05, 2004|by LARRY YANOS

Tenpin bowler William (Billy) Johnson Jr., competing in the Richard Pentz Men's League at Dual Lanes, Hagerstown, tossed his first 300 game.

The perfect effort came after games of 213 and 227 for a 740 set.

"I've been waiting and waiting," the 32-year-old Johnson said. "It finally happened."

Johnson credits his success to two sources.

"I have a twin brother, who also bowls, and we're always trying to beat each other, we're very competitive," Johnson said. "And I can't say enough about my teammates. They have been so encouraging throughout the season, many said that I was very capable of bowling a 300 game."

Johnson, who recently moved to Hagerstown from Glen Burnie, Md., had a previous high game of 290.

"I had thrown seven straight strikes before so I was more nervous in the eighth and ninth frames than I was in the 10th," Johnson said. "When I got to the 10th frame, my mindset was to just to go up there and bowl and hope for the best."


Following the effort, Johnson couldn't wait to call his brother Kevin in Glen Burnie.

"I gave him an earful," Johnson laughed. "We're very competitive, yet very supportive. I know he was happy for me but I also know that he can't wait to get his first 300 game to even the score."

Kevin, a right-handed bowler, has a career-high 280 game and 790 set, while William, a left-handed bowler, has a career high 745 set in addition to his perfect game.

William is happy with his involvement in tenpin bowling at Dual Lanes.

"I carried a 213 average in Glen Burnie, I'm up to about 226 here - and my team is awesome. I'm real pleased," Johnson said.

For his effort, Williams will receive a plaque and $100 from Dual Lanes and awards from the Central Maryland Bowling Association and the American Bowling Congress.

Tournament champions

Ken Brewbaker and Gary Bower were the winners of the ninth annual Darrell Witte Memorial Scratch Doubles Tenpin Tournament at Dual Lanes. They were the top qualifiers with a 12-game scratch total of 2,879.

Other qualifiers were:

Jeremy Gilbert and Jason Flynn, 2,825.

Dave Vulgamott and Bob Borne Jr., 2,734.

Chris Green and Jason Emes, 2,683.

Phil Kemlage and Leon Claggett, 2,645.

In the Baker Doubles Finals: Green-Emes, 226; Borne-Vulgamott, 226; Kemlage-Claggett, 215.

In the two-frame roll-off, Green and Emes defeated Borne and Vulgamott.

Green and Emes defeated Flynn and Gilbert, 277-140.

Brewbaker and Bower defeated Green and Emes, 201-193.

During qualifying, Rickey Fraley tossed 11 consecutive strikes and Brad Hose tossed his first perfect game to earn awards from the American Bowling Congress.

Dual Lanes tenpin report

· In the Emma Lancaster Ladies League, Angela Kershner tossed games of 246, 180 and 255 for a 681 set to earn a $25 Dual Lanes house award, given for bowling a set of 675-699.

· Dave Curry, bowling in the Richard Pentz Men's League, and Garland Knoblock, bowling in the Flying Feathers Mixed League, tossed 297 games, which included 11 consecutive strikes, to earn awards from the American Bowling Congress.

· Dave Middlekauff, Jim Brown and Mike Newlin, bowling in the Flying Feathers Mixed League, all earned 100 pins over average awards from the American Bowling Congress. Middlekauff tossed a 266 game with a 165 average, Brown tossed a 286 game with a 186 average and Newlin tossed a 265 game with a 165 average.

· Christine Hancock tossed a 269 game to earn a $25 Dual Lanes house award, given for bowling a game of 265-299.

· Rickey Fraley, bowling in the Darrell Witte Commercial Major Men's League, tossed games of 257, 267 and 268 for a 792 set to earn a $25 Dual Lanes house award, given for bowling a set of 775-799.

· Todd Spickler, bowling in the Wacky Rollers Mixed League, tossed a near-perfect 299 game, leaving the 10 pin on his final toss. He started the evening with games of 224 and 221 for a 744 set. The 299 game was 101 pins over his 198 average and the 744 set was 150 pins over his average. Spickler will receive a $25 Dual Lanes House Award and three awards from The American Bowling Congress for his effort.

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