New Jefferson County Commissioners prepare for terms

November 04, 2004|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.VA. - After spending the last 16 months campaigning for a Jefferson County Commission seat, Jim Surkamp said Wednesday he is relieved it's over.

"It's like an end of a phase of my life," the Democratic candidate said.

Surkamp was one of two new people elected to the county commission in Tuesday's general election when the Shepherdstown resident defeated Republican Gary Phalen.

The other new person elected to the commission was Democrat Dale Manuel, who defeated incumbent Al Hooper by a margin of more than 2,000 votes, according returns.


Surkamp said he will give himself a couple of days rest then start tackling county issues.

Surkamp said one of the first things he wants to do is meet with Jefferson County Clerk-elect Jennifer Maghan about increasing public access to government information.

Surkamp said he wants to meet with Maghan about setting up a local television cable channel where local residents can learn about government activities.

Hopefully, the channel will list Web sites where citizens can get more information on county government, Surkamp said.

"We're just trying to use technology to engage people," said Surkamp, who collected 9,604 votes compared to Phalen's 9,383.

Manuel said Wednesday he was overwhelmed by the support he received from voters.

Manuel garnered 10,687 votes compared to Hooper's 8,391 votes, according to complete, unofficial returns.

Manuel said he wants to get more public input on county government and he plans to set up his own town meetings to get the process started.

The other county races and vote totals are as follows:

16th state Senate

Republican John Yoder, 27,899 votes. Democrat Greg Lance, 20,321.

57th district House of Delegates

Del, John Doyle, D-Jefferson, 4,830 votes. Republican Robert Murto, 3,529 votes.

58th district House of Delegates

Democrat Locke Wysong, 4,203 votes. Republican Suzanne Morgan, 3,596.

Jefferson County Clerk

Republican Jennifer Maghan, 9,714. Democrat Scott Coyle, 9,111 votes.

Jefferson County Assessor

Democrat M.R. "Ginger" Bordier, 9,677 votes.

Republican Jaimie Somers, 8,663 votes.

Jefferson County Surveyor

Republican Gary Frey, 9,403 votes.

Democrat John Kusner, 8,619 votes.

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