The key to loving a bad team - Backwards logic

November 04, 2004|by ANDY MASON

The World Series ended eight days ago, and I'm still celebrating.

And I'm not even a Boston fan.

But those Red Sox sure were good this year, slightly better than the Yankees and clearly better than the Cardinals. In a best-of-7 series, the better team usually comes out on top.

And in a best-of-19 series, the better team always emerges.

We Orioles fans have to remember that. Boston and Baltimore played 19 times this year, with the Orioles taking the overall series, 10-9.

If the Red Sox are World Series champions, the Orioles are champions of the world.

I've spilled so much champagne, I'm down to my last dry pair of pants. There's so much confetti in my house, I can barely find the couch. The only thing missing from the parade on my street is the giant Peter Angelos balloon. ...


... So this is what's become of me. When your favorite pro sports teams are the Orioles and the Washington Redskins, it takes a long reach to find some excitement. But, hey, whatever it takes.

Before their loss last weekend in Pittsburgh, the reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots had won 21 straight games. But not one of those victories came against the Redskins, who, in fact, were the last team to beat New England before its NFL-record streak.

If A is greater than B and B is greater than C ...

The only thing missing from the Super Bowl parade on my street last January was the giant Daniel Snyder balloon.

William & Mary, my alma mater, also has given me reason to celebrate. While it's tough to get overly excited about Division I-AA football, William & Mary played North Carolina, the only Division I program on its schedule, earlier this fall and really stuck it to the Tar Heels - for one half at least.

The Tribe led 24-14 at halftime, before eventually losing, 49-38. But they proved they could play with the Heels, who beat then-No. 4 Miami last weekend.

I'm left to conclude that William & Mary can play with any team in the country. Bring on USC in the BCS.

Even Chambersburg boys soccer fans still have reason to cheer.

While the Trojans suffered through another losing season this fall, finishing 4-11-3, they're just two wins away from being crowned champions of West Virginia.

Chambersburg blanked Martinsburg 3-0 in late September. The Bulldogs (20-1-1) play in the state semifinals Friday.

And how about that 2-6 Penn State football team? Earlier this season, the Nittany Lions beat Akron, 48-10. Akron then beat Buffalo, 44-21.

So Penn State clearly is superior to Buffalo, too. That should really cheer up the Happy Valley.

While the Lions aren't bowl-bound, JoePa is filling up with so much hot air, he might actually make a New Year's Day parade.

Andy Mason is assistant sports editor of The Morning Herald. His column appears every other Thursday. He can be reached at 301-733-5131, ext. 2334, or by e-mail at

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