Our town - HCC's Lifelong Learning program in good hands with Anne Myers

November 02, 2004|by JANET HEIM

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Anne Myers

Age - 47.

Occupation - Program Manager for Lifelong Learning for Hagerstown Community College.

Hometown - York, Pa.

Where would you see Myers? - Myers' position at HCC means she's responsible for coordinating noncredit enrichment courses for all ages, from College for Kids, a five-week summer program for children, to her main program area, the Institute for Learning in Retirement, where the focus is on building camaraderie and having fun in a learning environment.

A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa., Myers majored in theatre and communications. She and her husband, Ken, live in Biglerville, Pa., in a small development of log and cedar homes in Caledonia State Forest. They have a grown daughter, Gina.


Myers, likens the lifelong learning programs to a re-creation of Main Street, USA. "It builds a sense of community, the program does, within the Tri-State area," she said. "You form friendships, relationships ... in the program. It speaks to all ages."

Classes are offered during daytime and evening hours to accommodate varied schedules and the fee structure is kept as low as possible so those on fixed incomes can participate.

Program offerings have expanded as the interest in the program has increased, Myers said. Courses on philosophy, religion, technology, genealogy, computers and history are popular.

The program also includes senior fitness classes, group trips - both locally, nationally and internationally, from sailing on a schooner on the Chesapeake Bay to a two-week trip to Italy - and the New Horizons Band and Strings. Outdoors programs, like canoeing, hiking and horseback riding are new offerings.

As the baby boomers age, the demand for this type of programming is increasing. Whether people expand their knowledge on a familiar subject or are delving into a new area of interest, the results can be life changing, Myers said.

"My interests have grown with my participation in the programs," Myers said.

Myers, who has worked for HCC for nine years, was hired to assist with facilities issues at HCC's Valley Mall site. She then became program coordinator for continuing education, responsible for the community-based Elderhostel program.

"Serving the community, that's where the joy is for me," Myers said.

Hobbies - Myers and her husband enjoy going to Pittsburgh Pirates games, hiking and mountain biking together. Once an avid horseback rider, Myers has just resumed that hobby after a 20-year hiatus. Myers, who loves music, has sung with choral arts groups, although she's not currently involved.

What does Myers like best about Washington County? - "I just like the people, the history," she said.

Myers says people tell her they stay in the area, instead of retiring elsewhere, because of the multitude of educational opportunities available.

"Just the relationships I've been honored to form with instructors and participants - it's been a joy in my life," Myers said.

For more information on Continuing Education classes at HCC, call 301-790-2800 ext. 236.

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