Woolly bears found two contest winners

November 02, 2004|by BRIAN SHAPPELL

Victor Cline Jr. and Aaron Stoner weren't looking for $100 in the yards of family members last month.

But that's exactly what each of the 11-year-old Northern Middle School students ended up getting for submitting the winning entries in the annual woolly bear contest.

More than 100 woolly bears were turned in during October for the 22nd Annual Woolly Bear Contest, according to a news release from the Gruber Almanack Co., which publishes the Hagers-Town Town and Country Almanack and runs the contest. The release said the woolly bears' markings are used to determine what type of winter is in store in the coming months.

Aaron said he found his woolly bear, which won in the Cutest and Cuddliest category, at his grandmother's house on Sand Wedge Drive.


"I was walking down the steps to put something in the garage, and I almost stepped on him," Aaron said.

Aaron said he plans to use his $100 to help pay for a Demarini baseball bat, the same kind he used to belt two home runs in a game last year.

Luck appeared to be with Victor in the 2004 contest as well.

Victor, of Pangborn Boulevard, said Monday that he did not know the contest existed until his mother told him about it last month.

"I was looking in my pond for a cricket, and I found this big one instead," he said.

The "big one" took the prize for Biggest and Woolliest.

Victor said he plans to use his winnings to buy games for his Nintendo GameCube system.

As for predictions this year, the woolly bears and this year's almanac call for an average, intensity deficient winter, the company release stated.

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