Letters to the editor

October 30, 2004

Bush and God

To the editor:

These words have made for many discussions - some hot, some not - over the past few months. To the committed Democrat, John Kerry is the choice. Sen. Kerry claims that he has "a fresh start for America." A "plan" that will guide the American people to a better and more prosperous tomorrow. Kerry's plan is without a doubt liberal. It is a plan that even some Democrats see as untried, perhaps untrue and most definitely unsure.

To the committed Republican, George W. Bush is the choice. President Bush passionately states that his "plan" for the American people has purpose and resolve. A plan that will continue to support and promote strong families. A plan that will support and promote a safer world for those families, both for today and for tomorrow.

To the committed Christian, a godly leader is the choice. This "plan" is what God's word says about leadership.


I believe the "plan" - the decision, to make on Nov. 2 is very simple. George W. Bush stands firmly against partial-birth abortion.

He has openly professed to all the world that his prayer life sustains him and provides hope to him and to this country and has expressed his thankfulness to all who remember him in their daily prayers. These are qualities of a leader that cannot be disputed.

Jody R. Koontz
Chambersburg, Pa.

Clean sweep?

To the editor:

To the surprise of no one, The Martinsburg Journal endorsed an entire slate of developer-backed candidates.

Citizens keep winning in court against the developers, so the developers know that more state laws need to be altered to strip more rights from the public.

The developers want to reward Al Hooper for his five years of yeoman service on their behalf. Hooper has consistently supported placing developers and their employees on the county's boards and commissions. The developers want Gary Phalen to continue the pro-vinyl voting of Jim Knode. The developers know that their 30-year reign in Jefferson County ends the moment one non-developer vote is added to the County Commission.

This election year is a "near death" experience for them as two of their most dependable votes are being threatened.

There is still time to prevent a clean sweep by the developers. Good, qualified, honest, and thoughtful candidates have waged credible campaigns for each of these positions. Jefferson County is at the crossroads in its history. If the voters choose the combination of Surkamp, Manuel, Yoder, Morgan and Meghan, we have a fighting chance of saving our county and maintaining an open, accountable government.

Scot M. Faulkner
Bolivar, W.Va.

Can't trust Kerry

To the editor:

Are we now to believe that Sen. John Kerry actually talked with all of the U.N. Security Council members in October 2002, just one week before he cast his vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq? According to Kerry, he did. Speaking before the Foreign Relations Council in December 2003, Kerry said he met "with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein."

Funny how many on the 15 member council say neither they, nor any of their staff, have met with Mr. Kerry, ever. Notice how Kerry said the "entire" council, not just a few. He has to bolster his importance. Kerry mentioned the meeting in the second presidential debate and argued that President Bush was out of touch with council- members' ideas on Iraq.

Once again, we are asked to believe that Sen. Kerry has been more engaged in this conflict than he actually was. Sen. Kerry's record of telling the truth is pitifully void of anything close to factual. Will the last Democrat who believes in decency and the American way of life, which has saved this world from tyranny so often, please turn out the light.

David Ditto
Hedgesville, W.Va.

Is Bush afraid?

To the editor:

Why is George W. Bush afraid of the news media? Why doesn't he have White House news sessions as his predecessors did? No pre-conditions, just questions and answers, off the cuff. And not just a "selected" group of reporters.

Are his advisers concerned that he is incapable of coherent answers? Or if someone has the audacity to differ with his opinions that it could trigger a moment of anger? We know he is never wrong or capable of making a mistake.

Every time I see him giving a speech, he is reading someone else's script and acting it out as they do in the movies. Even talking to some grade-school children, he had to have a written script. And there is the slapping of the podium, and that certain "smile." Take away the script and he would be lost.

E.P. Ford

Stay the course

To the editor:

I've just heard about the 48 unarmed Iraqi soldiers being murdered by the insurgents, many of them shot in the back of their heads, execution- style and also about the kidnaping recently of the lady who had worked for CARE in Iraq for eight years. They are threatening to cut her head off.

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