Town council fields queries about duplex

October 26, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

At a workshop Monday night, Boonsboro town officials answered questions raised about a duplex being constructed by Habitat for Humanity of Washington County.

At the Boonsboro Town Council's Oct. 4 meeting, Karen Shifler, who lives on Lakin Avenue, near the construction site, asked a series of questions about the project.

Town Manager John Kendall said he could not answer all of the questions but would find out the information and respond more fully at the council's Oct. 25 workshop. He later said Washington County employees previously collected much of the information before giving the group permits needed to build the home.

In a discussion that lasted less than 10 minutes Monday, Kendall and other town officials answered Shifler's questions while Sherry Brown Cooper, the executive director of Habitat for Humanity, sat nearby.


Shifler has said she is not opposed to Habitat for Humanity but to the fact the duplex is facing an alley.

In response to Shifler's questions, Kendall confirmed that the people who are to live in the Habitat home will be able to get trash service even though their trash cans will be put out in an alley.

Shifler asked if that meant that everyone in that block could put trash cans in the alley but Kendall said that only people whose homes front an alley could do that.

Kendall also said that the residents of the home will be able to get mail despite facing an alley.

After listening to Kendall's answers, Shifler had one last question: Will the town repave the alley?

Kendall asked why the town would need to repave the alley.

Because of all the heavy equipment that will be going into the alley to provide services to the Habitat residents, she said.

Shifler concluded by saying she just wanted to ensure that someone was monitoring the construction project.

A Washington County Circuit judge on June 11 granted Shifler a temporary restraining order blocking Habitat for Humanity from starting construction.

Another judge later vacated that order.

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