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Everybody gets into the act at Cumberland Valley Sampler

October 25, 2004|by BONNIE H. BRECHBILL

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - More than 120 local people performed at the Capitol Theatre Saturday evening in the first "Cumberland Valley Sampler: A Salute to the Number 3."

Sponsored by Chambersburg Community Theater, the event showcased a variety of local talent, including vocalists, instrumentalists, tap dancers and a historical interpreter.

Billed as family-friendly community entertainment, the show included grownups playing kazoos, an audience sing-along of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in three parts and a family game show.


The Salute to the Number 3 also involved singing "Happy Birthday" to three people who have birthdays on the third day of the third month and recognizing a set of triplets in the audience. Faith, Charity and Grace Herman of Clear Spring were accompanied by their parents, Rusty and Vicki Herman, brother Russell, 10, and sister Renae, 8. The 4-year-old blonde girls were dressed alike in red jumpers and white blouses. Grace said she enjoyed the singing and liked going on stage.

Local Realtor Harold Wildeson served as emcee while Nadine Deardorff of Chambersburg was hostess. "Every part has a connection to the number three," Wildeson said, "some obvious and some not so obvious."

CAKE 5, the Chambersburg Area Kids Ensemble made up of fifth-graders, performed a number, and children from local nursery schools sang three songs. Large, sparkly 3s decorated the back drop.

Will Pananes of Olympia Candy Kitchen and Ice Cream Parlor researched the tri-corner hat worn in colonial times.

Wearing knee britches and speaking as James Chambers, son of Chambersburg founder Benjamin Chambers, Pananes said that the fashionable style of men's headgear in the mid-1600s in England was a wide-brimmed, high-crowned hat.

When the British Army adopted the hat, the soldiers cocked the brim up on the right side to that it would not interfere with firing their muskets.

After a great military victory, the Duke of Marlborough ordered his men to cock their hats on three sides to honor the Holy Trinity, Pananes said.

Later, the American army needed to design a hat.

"The independence men didn't care for the redcoat tri-corner, so they just cocked their hats on the left, and added a sprig of hemlock or a button to indicate their regiment," Pananes said.

The event was produced and directed by Woody Payne. Proceeds benefit CAKE 5, CV Sampler and Chambersburg Community Theater.

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