The music of my life keeps me here

October 22, 2004|by BIG SYDNEY

From time to time, I get offers to leave this newspaper and serve up my expertise to a much larger audience.

Larger newspapers, TV stations and even Web sites have come calling, all to no avail.

They promise huge paychecks, wonderful long-term contracts, stock options and plenty of unspeakable fringe benefits. (That's right. Women wearing fringes. Wow!)

They try and try to pry me away from The Herald-Mail, but I'm not budging. I'm comfortable here. I have the Tri-State area in the palm of my hand. These people love me!

Sure they disguise it in the form of hateful letters to the mayor of Dargan sometimes, but I can read between the lines.


Why, I can't walk into the local laundromat/quick lube center/convenience store without people commenting on my picks from the previous week.

"You looked huge last week, Sydney," they say, in obvious reference to another outstanding prediction rate. "Looking even bigger this week."

"Feeling even bigger this week," I reply as I pick up my size XXXXXL George Foreman relaxed fit slacks, a double order of nachos (loaded) and a 44-ounce Diet Coke.

I'm a man of the people. I am them. They are me. He is we and we are all together. (Goo goo ga joob).

But given my latest hot streak, I'm beginning to wonder if it's not best to sell high, to take advantage of the fool that wants to lavish gifts and bucks upon me.

You'd think as long as I've been doing this I'd get something else out of The Herald-Mail. I told them 34 years ago they could have me for a song.

I was young and stupid. I didn't know any better.

I could have had John Lennon's "Imagine."

I held out for Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" instead.

Even then I had a thing for fringes.

On with the predictions. Last week 19-3 (.863), season 139-33 (.808).


Brunswick 34, Boonsboro 18: Railroaders crossing the goal line brings Warriors to a stop.

Hollidaysburg 37, Chambersburg 13: If the Trojans took Hollidaysburg, it would be so nice.

Frederick 41, Liberty 14: The Cadets will just take Liberty, thank you.

Hancock 27, Baltimore Lutheran 13: They're not Saints, but Hancock's not all bad, either.

Jefferson 35, Hedgesville 7: Grantham shouldn't have to Will the Cougars to this victory.

Middletown 26, Century 20: This one's a lock. The Knights will win.

Smithsburg 31, South Hagerstown 21: My advisor told me not to pick against Feiser and the Leopards.

St. John's at Prospect Hall 44, Sidwell Friends 19: Like Ricca, Max Morris is a Hall of a Prospect.

Thomas Johnson 27, North Carroll 16: After a slow start, the Patriots are headed north in the standings.

Walkersville 33, South Carroll 12: The Cavaliers find Walkersville's not Lion around.

Fort Hill 27, Martinsburg 24: Though the Bulldogs have the in-Nate ability to win this game.

Hampshire 21, Musselman 19: Despite the Applemen's muscles, Hampshire's the stonger team.

Trinity 35, Waynesboro 13: No four-leaf clover required for the Shamrocks.

Boiling Springs 42, James Buchanan 19: The Bubblers have such outgoing personalities.

West Perry 39, Greencastle 23: The Blue Devils can't dodge Perry.

Berkeley Springs 45, Beall 17: Another notch in the win column for Belt.


Francis Scott Key 43, Tuscarora 14: Key hits all the high notes.

Catoctin 18, Williamsport 17: A wild battle of the cats goes to the Cougars.

Bullis School 33, Mercersburg Academy 22: Those Bullis act tougher than they really are.

North Hagerstown 48, Clear Spring 15: Hubs will drub the Clear Spring club.

MSD 51, Florida School for the Deaf 7: These Orioles keep flying higher.


Clemson 21, Maryland 13: Orange you glad I didn't make a Tigers joke?

Iowa 37, Penn State 17: Iowa lot of money to my bookie if Penn State wins.

Shepherd 31, W.Va. Wesleyan 20: Rams rustle up another win.


Ravens 20, Bills 7: You can't Buffalo me into taking the Bills.

Eagles 34, Browns 10: This game is sure to have plenty of TOs ... timeouts, turnovers and Terrell Owens.

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