Garbage container shortage causing problems

October 15, 2004|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Garbage problems continue to pile up in Jefferson County.

County officials operate a garbage disposal facility at the former Jefferson County Landfill, but not enough garbage containers are being delivered to the landfill to operate the service, Jefferson County Commissioner Rusty Morgan said Thursday.

When containers fill up at the facility, referred to as a transfer station, it has to be closed, Morgan said.

Sometimes the transfer station has to be closed in the middle of the day, Morgan said.

There is no way to warn the public when the transfer station has to be shut down, and sometimes people will leave their garbage outside the gate of the facility along Leetown Pike when it closes, Morgan said.

Morgan criticized Waste Management because of the situation.

Morgan said the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority has a contract with Waste Management to provide garbage containers to the transfer station.


Morgan said he knows that Waste Management officials will say there is no use to bring more containers to the landfill because the company, which also runs the LCS Services Inc. landfill near Hedgesville, W.Va., does not have any place to take the trash.

LCS only can accept a maximum of 9,999 tons of garbage a month and trash has been accumulating in local communities when the landfill hits the limit.

LCS has been hitting a daily tonnage limit regularly, Morgan said.

Regardless of any reasons Waste Management officials may give for not providing enough garbage containers at the transfer station, Morgan said the company needs to find a place to take the garbage.

"They have to keep this stuff moving," Morgan said.

Waste Management officials could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Earlier in the year, county officials said trash was backing up at home building sites and Charles Town Races & Slots when the landfill hits its limit.

Waste Management officials say they want to be able to increase their monthly tonnage limit at LCS, but Hedgesville-area residents have fought the move, saying that landfill odors, garbage truck traffic and trash debris are becoming problems in Hedgesville.

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