Letters to the editor

October 09, 2004

We've been patient for 14 years

To the editor:

This is in regard to the letter written by Jennifer Lease, Bester Elementary School PTA member. I am one of the concerned parents who has been raising concerns about the traffic situation at Bester Elementary School.

I feel that if it were not for the other parents and myself there would not be anything accomplished. We have been more of a solution to this problem. We attended meetings of the School Board. We notified the public of this situation.

We did this only because we care and are tired of many children being put into dangerous situations. Yes, it does take time and a lot of patience. I think 14 years is enough.


You say that the staff at Bester Elementary School is concerned about the safety of our children. I am standing out there every day and have yet to see any staff member enforce the parking lot rules that were sent home.

It also amazes me how two years ago we asked the PTA for its help in this matter and were told they did not handle these concerns. Now all of a sudden you take an interest. It is time for the Bester Elementary School staff, PTA members and the board of education to resolve this.

Until then, I, along with the rest of the parents, will do what I have to for the safety of all students.

Kristy Sollenberger

What happened to respect?

To the editor:

Who cares about what your news watchers want? I'm so sick of this election, I don't even want to vote. Whatever happened to the time when people running for office just talked about their reasons, points, etc., and did not tear others apart? No wonder we don't have the best and most qualified people running. They know they will be destroyed with bad talk.

I'm 80 years old. I remember when you advertised your product you couldn't put down other products. Boy, have we ever changed - for the worse. Change should produce something better!

We can't handle today's wrongs, so why keep bringing up stuff from 35 years ago? Many veterans had problems getting over it. Does anyone care how this affects them?

Remember equal time; remember when newscasters were not allowed to discuss who they were for? Remember when actors and Hollywood never told us who they were for?

Remember when we honored and showed respect to the president and the military? Not now. For shame.

Bea Bradford

Thanks for your help

To the editor:

On Monday evening Sept. 20, I was involved in an accident at the Frederick Fair tractor pull.

I want to thank each and everyone who helped in any way.

The ambulance crew members - we didn't get your names or company during all the excitement - were very helpful to myself and my wife. You did an excellent job taking care of me.

The Frederick Memorial Hospital Emergency Room staff was kind and considerate, especially Nancy and Suzanne. You all went out of your way to make me comfortable. Thanks to the Frederick Police Department's Officer Pierce, who came to the hospital and Officer Grob, who was the investigating officer. Also, to all our family and friends for the phone calls, visits and cards.

Once again, thanks to you all. We appreciate all your kindness and concern, and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. May God bless each and every one.

Andrew (Jack) and Pat Downin

The war gets worse

To the editor:

Our presidential candidates act like childish, school-age bullies. What do our teachers think when they are trying to get our children to act respectfully? Media experts say this negative advertising works to get votes. I think it shows our leaders are not smart enough to be president.

We need to get out of Iraq. A news reporter said the people were happy we got rid of Saddam Hussein, but we promised to keep the peace. We have not kept the peace and they want us out now because they are less safe with us there now.

The king of one country there told us "as a friend of the U.S." he was telling us they do not want us there, and we should get out before it gets worse.

This war is like Vietnam, throwing money down a drain and having our soldiers get killed.

How much debt can we have? Six months ago the paper said China holds $140 billion of that debt.

We better start taxing those who have money to pay this debt before some country decides to come over here and take their share of our country. They say we are the richest country in the world, but I wonder if that is true.

Jane Everett

Good signs

To the editor:

I am writing to publicly thank the highway department for posting two more speed limit signs, one facing each way, on Maugansville Road between Maugansville and Mason-Dixon Road.

Whether because of ignorance of the speed limit or a mere temptation of the open farm fields, some drivers have been using this stretch of road for a speedway.

This road, without the benefit of shoulders, is constantly used by those who wish to walk, bike or jog.

But the habits of some drivers have made it unsafe, not to mention a hazard to little critters that inhabit the fields beside the road. Hopefully, the new signs will serve as a reminder to keep your speed where it belongs and to be a considerate driver on all our roads.

Carol Varney

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