Learning tools you can make at home

October 08, 2004

Juice Can Puppets

You will need:

Clean frozen juice cans

Construction paper or fabric



Goggle eyes

Assorted decorations, such as buttons, feathers and sequins

1. Cover the juice can by gluing on construction paper or fabric, then place the can upright on a table, with the opening at the bottom.


2. Glue felt arm strips midway down both sides of the can and leg strips to the front of the lower edge.

3. Decorate as desired.

Flutter By Puppet

You will need:

Knit glove

Cardboard or poster board

Circle dot stickers

Pipe cleaners




1. Cut the finger off a knit glove.

2. Cut out a simple set of cardboard or poster board butterfly wings. Color if needed.

3. Affix contrasting color circle dot stickers to wings.

4. Staple pipe cleaner antennae onto the top center of wings.

5. Glue the glove finger body onto the center of wings.

6. Draw a simple face.

Edible Vegetable Puppets

You will need:

Large carrots

Popsicle sticks

Cream cheese

Raisins or olives



Green beans

1. Peel a carrot and cut off both ends.

2. Ask an adult to make a slit in the bottom of the larger end of the carrot with a paring knife; insert popsicle stick.

3. Using the cream cheese as glue, affix raisins or olives for eyes and a nose, a slice of celery for the mouth and parsley sprigs for the hair.

4. For arms and legs, cut green beans in half and affix with plenty of cream cheese.

- Source: FamilyFun: All About Puppets, on the Web.

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