Syd writes under 5-second delay

October 08, 2004|by BIG SYDNEY

I'm throwing one of those red replay flags.

I want an official to review Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s victory comments last week at Talladega.

NASCAR, you must be dizzy from driving around in circles all the time. He didn't say what you thought.

It has been reported that Junior said, "It don't mean s--- right now."

You are all wrong. He was sending me a message.

My good friend Dale actually said, "It don't mean Syd right now."

Go back. Slow it down. You'll see I'm right.

It's a mistake that happens in a lot of occasions.

Ever hear someone say he felt like he ate a Syd sandwich?

That guy is pretty full. Have you every seen me make a sandwich before? Dagwood Bumstead needs a doggie bag when he stops over at the Dargan Deli on the banks of the Potomac. (He was amazed by the things you can do with scrapple.)


People often say "I feel kind of Sydney today."

They aren't under the weather. They're just telling you that they could take on the world, make all the right picks and are hungry enough to eat two Syd sandwiches.

You should feel complimented if someone tells you are full of Syd. That means you are really knowledgeable.

On Sundays after I go to worship, I'm Holy Syd.

I use a large umbrella over my ample exterior when I'm at the beach, otherwise I would become Hot Syd.

And if someone doesn't give a Syd, it just means they haven't read my latest column of picks.

In fact, there have been times when loyal readers have gotten in my face about what I've written. I get mad, but you've never seen Syd hit the fan.

So, NASCAR, I think you passed the pace car on this one. Dale is just an enthusiastic boy who has to realize that you can't talk Syd in public. The penalty is too stiff and might put him in deep Syd when it comes to winning a championship.

I really know what I'm talking about here. When I go out on the streets, people tell me that I think that I'm Big Syd.

And, you know, they are right.

I am.

On with the predictions. Last week 19-7 (.731), season 95-28 (.772).


St. John's at Prospect Hall 31, Baltimore Lutheran 10: The Vikings' QB will get a soda endorsement after this one for Ricca Cola.

St. James 30, Bowling Brook 6: The Saints would have a tougher time against Football Frank.

Linganore 20, Frederick 13: Do Cadet kickers go to Boot Camp?

John Marshall 27, Hedgesville 14: Marshall lays down the law to the Eagles.

Middletown 33, South Carroll 12: It's too late, baby, for South Carroll to king the Knights.

South Hagerstown 38, Clear Spring 13: Blazers continue to trail.

Liberty 19, Thomas Johnson 14: Pats won't become the men who shot Liberty's balance.

Walkersville 34, Winters Mill 22: Winters Mill can't put up with the Lions' grind.

Hancock 25, Westmar 12: Panthers' run-and-pass combination is a Trail mix.

MSD 57, Hyde School 6: The Orioles strike like jackals on Hyde.

Steel-High 41, Waynesboro 14: No, Steel-High's uniforms aren't made of wool.

Trinity 43, James Buchanan 20: The Rockets cross their fingers and hope for the best against Trinity.

Carlisle 38, Chambersburg 17: Trojans get run over by Carlisle to start another skid.

Greencastle 26, Susquenita 20: Devils still need-a lot to stop Susquenita.

Fort Hill 28, Jefferson 21: Even without Pope, the Sentinels' prayers are answered.

Martinsburg 34, Bassett 21: Bassett gets hounded by the Bulldogs.

Keyser 30, Musselman 13: Golden Tornado turn football into a topical depression for the Applemen.


Berkeley Springs 20, Sidwell Friends 12: Belt won't waste line play of Indians.

Smithsburg 42, Williamsport 13: Wildcats don't have enough spot remover.

Boonsboro 23, Catoctin 21: If the Warriors get sunburned, will they end up with a Chief tan?

Blair Academy 27, Mercersburg Academy 14: Blair's bewitching project casts Storm under spell.

North Hagerstown 34, Brunswick 19: Hubs make Railroaders' offense go station-to-station.


Maryland 24, Georgia Tech 17: Terps play in a fashion that doesn't suit Jackets.

Purdue 41, Penn State 17: The Nittany Lions can't afford to play Chicken with Purdue.

Shepherd 27, Glenville State 20: Wins are starting to flock to Shepherd.


Steelers 20, Browns 10: Hines' 57-yard catch makes it tough for the Browns to catch up.

Ravens 24, Redskins 13: Thirteen points? Ravens didn't have good re-Portis on all of Washington's plays.

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