Blast from the Past

October 06, 2004

Week of Oct. 3, 1954

"There is no excuse for it, just run them in as fast as you get them."

Those were the words of advice to city policemen in coping with the problem of "cowboy" motorists and teenaged misconduct in the West End section or any other section of the city, from Magistrate Paul Ottinger.

The magistrate told police he will cooperate fully in breaking up misconduct and reckless driving in the West End section.

If you've been driving a car for years and think you have compiled some kind of a record, just forget about it, for Chester S. Holzapfel, well-known Frederick Street gardener and florist, has you beat, and we mean beat.

Mr. Holzapfel began driving in 1901 at the World's Fair in Buffalo, N.Y.

Since 1901, he has never been so much as stopped by a policeman and has never had any accidents he was responsible for. He thinks he has driven at least a million miles in his time.

Week of Oct. 3, 1979

Members of Blacks for Community Change congratulate Robin Harmon for her recent appearance in the Oct. 4, 1979, issue of Jet Magazine.

Miss Harmon is a former Miss Hagerstown, Miss Washington, D.C., and Miss Maryland.

One of the stalwarts of the Hagerstown business community, Roy A. Leiter, reached his 100th birthday Monday, and was honored at a celebration in his home.

He is widely known as one of the 1908 founders of Leiter Brothers Department Stores, a leading business of the area for more than 60 years.

The Washington County elected school board voted 3-2 Tuesday afternoon against giving the local teachers' union and students special recognition to speak on school board issues that affect them.

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