Sharpsburg briefs

October 05, 2004|by JULIE E. GREENE

Officials to approach Antietam about cable

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg officials want to see if Antietam Cable Television Inc. is interested in supplying cable to the Sharpsburg area before they sign a new deal with Adelphia.

Mayor Hal Spielman had a letter from Adelphia inquiring about extending the town's cable agreement for five years.

The town's franchise agreement with Adelphia expires Dec. 31.

Town Councilwoman Patti Hammond said Adelphia still hasn't installed Internet access in public buildings. She wants to see it in Town Hall, the fire hall, the ambulance hall and at Sharpsburg Elementary School.

The school probably already has it, Spielman said.

Town Councilman Russ Weaver said Adelphia is only paying the town for cable customers inside town limits, even though the town's franchise agreement gave Adelphia access to the surrounding area.

The town should be getting more money, Weaver said.

Weaver said Antietam Cable wasn't interested in providing cable to the Sharpsburg area the last time town officials asked because the capital investment wasn't worth the amount of users the company could add.


After finding out Antietam services at least one customer on Burnside Bridge Road, four miles outside of town, town officials want to know if Antietam is interested now.

Antietam Cable and The Herald-Mail Co. are owned by the same company.

Spielman asked Town Attorney Charles Wagaman to call Antietam Cable and ask Adelphia if a one-year extension was possible.

Playground walkway temporarily patched

SHARPSBURG - The broken walkway on the old playground equipment in Town Park has been temporarily patched, Mayor Hal Spielman said Monday night.

Spielman said he and Town Councilman J.W. Eichelberger covered the broken walkway with plywood, but they need to get plastic boards to permanently fix the walkway.

The equipment was damaged when someone jumped from a high spot onto the walkway, Spielman said.

Library parking signs not yet in place

SHARPSBURG - The two signs for library parking that Sharpsburg officials discussed more than a year ago still aren't up, Town Councilwoman Patti Hammond said Monday night.

Mayor Hal Spielman said he will make a call about it. The Maryland State Highway Administration was going to get the signs approved and put them up, he said.

After the signs are up, drivers would be permitted to park in front of the Sharpsburg Library for one hour during library hours.

Items donated for archives

SHARPSBURG - Several items recently were donated for the Town of Sharpsburg's archives.

Maxine Campbell brought in items donated by Donald Koontz, including at least one picture featuring his father, the late Elmer Koontz, who once was mayor of Sharpsburg, Campbell said.

A 1965 picture shows the town's first rescue group, she and Town Councilwoman Patti Hammond said.

Mayor Hal Spielman said Betty Otto donated items she found while going through her late husband's belongings. The items that once belonged to Page "Teddy" T. Otto included 1964 tax bills and a sample municipal election sheet with the tally.

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