Money Q&A - Lynne Deming

October 03, 2004

Name: Lynne Deming

Résumé: Account executive for cable ad sales, Adelphia Media Services

Volunteer, Disaster Action Team of the Jefferson County Red Cross

Volunteer, Literacy of America

Volunteer, Rock Spring Church

Born: Jan. 10, 1945

Children: Three married children - Scott, Ward and Tracey. Each has two children.

Education: Charles Town High School, class of 1963. Attended Shepherd College on and off, but didn't graduate. Has received training and taken courses in business management, sales and marketing, and real estate.


Mentor: Can't pick one. "There have been many wonderful people who took a special interest in me at different junctures in my life."

Favorite part of your job: "Strategizing with a client on how to reach their business goal through advertising."

Biggest challenge of your job: "Finding new ways to present old ideas (there is nothing new under the sun) that will help a client achieve a successful end result."

Fantasy job: "Own and manage a horse farm in Nebraska or Wyoming."

Favorite music: "Salsa and Christian praise "

Favorite car: "My car"

Type of car you drive now: Toyota Rav4

Last book read: "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown

Last movie seen: "Shrek 2"

Favorite TV show: "Law and Order"

Hobbies: "Working in the yard. Touring secondary roads in search of unique vistas and curiosity shops."

What was your first job? "While in elementary and junior high, I walked thoroughbred horses (called "hot walking") for their exercise before and after school and in the summers to earn spending money. Beginning at age 15, my first job as a real taxpaying citizen was waitressing on weekends and after school."

Favorite quote: "What goes around comes around."

If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be? Albert Einstein. "Highly intelligent persons have always been a fascination of mine. I would love to spend a day just listening to him lecture."

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