Gay bashers have some unpleasant company

October 03, 2004|by John Cooker, Rohrersville

To the editor:

I am not a homosexual. I have friends who are. Contrary to the hate letters condemning them that have been published in The Herald-Mail recently, I've yet to be bitten on the neck and my blood sucked dry by any of them, nor have I turned to a pillar of salt by shaking their hands, nor has Satan paid me a midnight visit.

Is he really red like in the old fables and does he still have horns and carry a pitchfork? I should probably address this question to the authors of the homophobic letters since they seem to know how all souls on Earth are supposed to be.

Some other questions for you saints who write paranoid letters about homosexuals: Did you know the KKK shares your hate position, as did the Nazis, who sent the gays off to gas chambers? And let us not forget those paragons of Christian virtue, the Spanish Inquisitors, who quite naturally murdered many an "unnatural" gay. Would it surprise you to know the greatest writer of all time, Shakespeare, wrote his love sonnets to another man?


If only those darn Elizabethans had strung up old William, then we wouldn't have had to suffer reading that stupid "Hamlet" in high school.

Also if those Renaissance folks would have crucified old Leonardo da Vinci (yes, a gay), then we wouldn't have any prints of Jesus in "The Last Supper" to put up on our walls.

Your observation regarding homosexuals as being "unnatural" is so astute, it's plain to see in nature only male and female beavers fall in love, and thus should a male and a female human - 'cause we're just like beavers, although how do we explain the tail and bark chewing?

Back to my friends. They hold down responsible jobs and pay taxes, and do not seek to influence others, but only to be left alone with a little measure of dignity.

Who do they think they are? They act like they're comfortable with the way they are and that we shouldn't make a big deal about their difference and shouldn't make fun of them behind their backs. They expect the government to recognize some sort of civil union between life partners so they can inherit property and have health insurance benefits.

We should banish them to some place in town - in the middle so we can watch that they don't do anything "unnatural?" Give the males interior-design magazines and the females basketballs and take away their pens and pencils? God forbid they produce another writer like our national treasure Tennessee Williams. There's enough boring poetry and plays already in the world.

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