Sydney goes on the air to answer your questions

October 01, 2004|by BIG SYDNEY

And now we're back on WHUT Radio Dargan where you get football in a snap.

I'm your host Big Sydney, the guy who has never seen a pulling guard or pulled pork sandwich he didn't like and this is Block and Tackle, where we talk about football or cheese and fishing.

Let's go to the phones.

What's up Steve in Florida?

"Syd, I think the Fun 'n' Gun offense would have worked if they would have given it more time in Washington. What do you think?"

"Well Steve, right now, Fun 'n' Gun is now Run 'n' Hope for the 'Skins. A better offense might be Miter and Snyder - get a saw to cut the owner away from the franchise."


Next. It's Dan in Georgia.

"Syd, I've become a really big fan of Kate Smith and would like to see her make a comeback. I'm hoping there are some Kate Smith impersonators who will take the spot of those Elvises and will sing the national anthem. What do you think?"

"God Bless America, Dan. Let's just hope there aren't any wardrobe malfunctions."

"We have Al in New Jersey. Whaz up?"

"Syd, I'm an avid football fan but I get really upset when my team doesn't do well and I throw my TV. When I get a new one, should I go for one that has good hangtime or one that I can get some distance from?"

"That's a tough choice. I can see where you don't get invited to many football parties though. My advice, buy binocculars and watch the game through your neighbors' window. It's cheaper that way."

"I see on the clock on the wall that we are out of time. This is ol' Syd signing off and until next time ... May your seats be on the 50, your tailgate be plentiful and be cautious when Ricky Williams brings brownies to your party."

On with the predictions. Last week 18-4 (.818), season 76-21 (.784).


Boys' Latin 23, St. John's at Prospect Hall 16: At Boys' Latin, the score will be XXIII to XVI.

Hancock 14, Berkeley Springs 13: Panthers win without hitting below the Belt.

Westminster 22, Thomas Johnson 13: The game lasts four-fifths of an hour and the Patriots are only Minutemen.

North Hagerstown 41, Boonsboro 19: North is so far in front, the Warriors need the Hub-ble telescope to find them.

Brunswick 38, Williamsport 14: Those crazy Railroaders have loco motives.

South Hagerstown 27, Catoctin 12: South Reb-resents itself well.

Frederick 31, Walkersville 20: Cadets use basic training to stop the Lions.

Fort Hill 43, Hedgesville 19: The Eagles got a visit from Bush, but not one from Pope.

Steel-High 33, James Buchanan 14: The Rockets will have to beg and borrow to stay with Steel-High.

MSD 47, Turkeyfoot Valley 20: There's not much talking in Turkeyfoot Valley.

Jefferson 27, Musselman 10: Jefferson is moving on up while taking the Applemen to the cleaners.

Martinsburg 44, Bluefield 16: Bulldogs won't be off-color against Bluefield.

Chambersburg 28, Altoona 13: Any more wins and the Trojans will really see Kimple's dimples.

East Pennsboro 34, Greencastle 20: It's time to pencil in Pennsboro.

Boiling Springs 26, Waynesboro 19: Indians find themselves in hot water at Boiling Springs.


Middletown 24, Tuscarora 21: The Knights win, but it's all in joust.

Smithsburg 41, Clear Spring 13: Blazers protest. Leopards have a spot before they take the field.

Lawrenceville School 30, Mercersburg Academy 15: Not quite a Welk in the park for Lawrenceville.

Potomac 27, St. James 18: But the Saints' fullback gives them a Chan-ce.


West Virginia 21, Virginia Tech 17: WVU makes the Hokies Pokey and that's what it's all about.

Minnesota 31, Penn State 27: All that glitters is Golden Gophers.

Shepherd 28, West Virginia State 14: Rams decide not to Cater to anyone anymore.


Redskins 24, Browns 14: 'Skins slither to victory as Gardner snakes through Cleveland's defense.

Steelers 16, Bengals 13: Pittsburgh has to prove it has some Staley power.

Eagles 34, Bears 14: Philly isn't in Kansas, but it kicks up dust in the Windy City.

Ravens 31, Chiefs 17: Gee, it's a rumble. There's no place for psyched Holmes.

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