More local volunteers aid victims in Florida

September 30, 2004|by SCOTT BUTKI

Three more volunteers for Washington County's chapter of the American Red Cross have helped victims of hurricanes by working with them personally, Cindy Blackstock Kline, the chapter's director of emergency services in the county, said Wednesday.

That brings to five the number of county Red Cross volunteers who went to help hurricane victims, she said.

"I am extremely proud of our disaster program," Kline said. "We know they do a fine job in Washington County and we are really happy they can carry that part further."

Chapter volunteers Richard Humbert and Tony Pirrone, both of Hagerstown, took the chapter's newly acquired emergency response vehicle to Florida in mid-August for a three-week commitment. They returned to this area on Sept. 3.

As volunteers they traveled through hurricane-damaged areas, finding out what people needed and helping them get it, Kline said.

Mike Mowen, 51, of Hagerstown, left this area to do the same work Pirrone and Humbert did, but for victims of the follow-up storm, Hurricane Frances. He returned to Hagerstown on Sept. 18, Kline said.


Kathryn Naomi Taylor, 19, an intern in the chapter's emergency service program, left Sept. 17 to go to the Mobile, Ala. area to help feed people damaged by storms in that region, Kline said.

"This was a good fit for her. This exposed her to disaster clients," Kline said.

Taylor, of Herndon, Va., is expected to return to Hagerstown this weekend, Kline said.

Robert McEnroe, 53, left Sept. 18 to go to Orlando, Fla., where he would offer family services, giving families whatever help they needed, Kline said.

He is expected to return to Hagerstown on Saturday, Kline said.

The volunteers have told him the conditions for some families were "horrendous," with some living for weeks without air conditioning or electricity, Kline said.

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