City OKs $642,000 in upgrades to sewer plant

September 29, 2004|by GREGORY T. SIMMONS

The Hagerstown City Council voted to approve more repairs to the city's sewer system, which has been fraught with serious overflow problems over the past two years.

Tuesday's vote amounted to $642,000 in spending measures, most of which are aimed at increasing the amount of sewage the system can handle and decreasing the amount of groundwater and rain that inadvertently enter the sewage system causing overflows, City Water and Sewer Department Manager David Shindle said.

About half of the approved spending is beyond what the city expected to spend this year, but was added because of repeated spills of water that had not been fully treated.


The approvals included:

· $63,513 for new flow monitors, which will be used to track which parts of the sewer system are the most problematic.

· $13,460 for improvements to pump stations scattered throughout the sewer system. The improvements will allow for automatic switching to backup power in case of a power failure.

· $31,787 for updates to the sewer plant on Frederick Street. The work will replace some parts in the sewage treatment system.

· $265,350 to line the inside of 3,000 feet of sewer lines to prevent groundwater leaking into the pipes.

· $267,900 to replace an aging sewer line with a larger one along Hamilton Boulevard.

According to state and city reports, spills into the creek of partially treated wastewater have occurred at least eight times this year, four times topping the 1 million-gallon mark.

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