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Speaker: World events tie in to Bible prophecies

September 29, 2004|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Bill Wilson, an internationally syndicated Christian communicator, riddled a speech Tuesday night with references to the second coming of Christ - an event he said would occur "within years, not decades."

Wilson spoke to about 60 people at Otterbein United Brethren Church of Christ's Ministry Center.

His remarks centered on what he said were the relationships between current world events and Bible prophecies that prove the world is living in the time immediately prior to the tribulation, a time to warn God's people to awaken and prepare themselves for Christ's imminent return.

Signs point to a changing world, he said, "to the end time. This generation will see the return of Jesus. Something is about to happen."


Wilson is the founder of The Daily Jot, a worldwide Bible Voice Broadcasting radio network aired over shortwave and FM to the Middle East, Europe, Africa, China and Southeast Asia.

Wilson said alliances among nations are being cemented as never before.

North Korea is exporting nuclear technology to Syria and Russia is helping Iran with its nuclear programs.

"I look for Israel to bomb Iran within eight months," because of the nuclear threat, he said.

Russia, China, the Arab nations and the European Union are all becoming aligned, he said.

At home, the nation is turning its back on God, he said. It shows up in the millions of abortions being performed, same-sex marriages, the attempt to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, the prosecution of Roy Moore, the former Alabama State Supreme Court Justice who attempted to keep the Ten Commandments in his courthouse, and other movements to remove God from public places, he said.

Wilson was born on an Ohio farm, started college to become a veterinarian and switched to a successful career in journalism. He covered the 1980 presidential election, covered the Reagan Administration, worked as a press aide to a congressman and wrote campaign ads. He last worked in politics on Oliver North's unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate before switching to evangelism - a calling he said God had been preparing him for for years.

"The Lord kept tugging away at me," he said. "The power of the Holy Spirit is too much to resist."

Wilson lives with his wife, Chris, and son, Christian, 12, in New Market, Md. He is an evangelist with Word of Life Ministry in Mount Airy, Md., and is children's pastor at Redeemer International Family Church in Frederick, Md.

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